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Electric Vs Manual Golf Trolleys

Golf Trolleys are an extremely important part of the game of golf because these trolleys carry the golf equipment of the player. There are many different kinds of Golf Trolleys. Manual trolleys are the ones that have been there for years and have now been used for decades.

Here Is an Easy Way of Getting a Weight Shift in Your Golf Swing, Beat the Reverse Weight Shift

One of the most common mistakes made in the golf swing is the lack of a proper weight shift, or what is often referred to as a reverse weight shift. A killer of a good swing, and a compete power drain. So here you will find a method that is used by all good golfers and never by those who struggle with weight shift in their golf swing.

Course Management: Plan the Hole Backwards

I was golfing a few days ago with my buddy and two others guys we got teamed up with. We got to a particularly tricky par-5 hole, and one of the other guys asked me how I usually play it. My answer was based on how I plan my play on every hole — backwards.

Golf: A Brief History of the Great Game

The game of Golf has existed for at least 500 years. The history books tell us that James II of Scotland had both golf and football banned in 1457 in an Act of Parliament because the sports were interfering with archery practice for the defenders of the Scottish realm. It is also rumoured in history that shepherds tending their flocks of sheep near St Andrews (known widely as the home of golf) became experts in hitting rounded stones into rabbit holes with their crooks.

What To Look For When Buying Used Clubs – 3 Quick Tips

Would you like to buy used clubs but worry that you might not get what you need? This article gives you some quick tips on what to look for and what to look out for when you are in the market for used golf clubs.

Fix Your Slice For A Better Golf Game

If you’re like thousands of other golfers out there, you harbor a quiet frustration directed toward your slice. Why can’t you fix it? Oh, how much better your golf game would be if you could just eliminate that wicked slice!

How Important Is Golf Swing Speed?

The distance you hit a golf ball is directly related to the speed of your golf swing. So if you like hitting the ball a long way then you must increase you golf swing speed or you will be destined to short hits with your clubs.

Golf Putting Drills Can Make All the Difference in the Quality of Your Game

If you’re a sports enthusiast, then chances are you already know how important it is to warm up properly before a work-out or a session playing your game of choice. This is true regardless of what activity you’re into whether it’s swimming, football or gymnastics. However, people have a tendency to forget that golf putting drills are just as important when it comes to one’s golf game.

Easy Golf Driver Tips

There are many golf driver tips through which you can dominate your game or become masters. In fact, practice is the key to success and to master the given techniques, you need to conquer the essential rules of the game which is this possess.

The Easy Golf Chipping Tips

Many golfers and beginners find the problem in getting the ball 400 yards, in relatively few shots. Most noteworthy and valuable part of this golf game is a short game, and most of the players know about this but they are not exceptionally skilled at playing this short game. Hence, if you do not want to become a part of this and want to improve your golf game, then follow some golf chipping tips.

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