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With So Many Golf Simulators on the Market Today How Can You Find the Right One?

I have boiled it down to three key factors which can help you to determine what type of golf simulator is best for you. Software, structures and sensor technology are the key areas to look, when choosing a golf simulator.

Your Choices of Golf Drivers

Millions of dollars every year is spent on the technology that engineers the latest golf drivers. So, what are you choice when it comes to choosing a brand new golf driver?

Video is a Great Tool For Golfers

Probably the single most effective training tool employed by golf instructors is video analysis. As the average golfer often has trouble "feeling" the changes they need to make to their golf swing, video analysis provides the feedback that will give many golfers more incentive to make those changes.

Ten Rules For Playing Well

Every recreational golfer would get an ‘A’ if golf was a written test, but might not do so well on the practical exam. These ten rules will help you.

Let’s Look at What the Left Wrist is Doing in a Really Good Golf Swing to Create Power & Accuracy

One of the troubles with trying to see what happens in a really good golf swing is that unless you have control over the video…it’s too fast to see the small parts. Like the wrists. I have spent some time slowing down some great swings and have discovered a small secret as to what happens with the left wrist at and through impact. So let’s have a look and see if there is a lesson here that could help with power and accuracy.

How to Clean Golf Drivers

A dirty golf driver can actually cause you to lose power in your drive as the dirt, dust, sand or mud can affect the contact with the ball. Cleaning your driver will also ensure that it lasts longer and looks better for longer in front of your golfing buddies.

Steps to Choosing a Golf Putter

While skill is one component of putting well, so is the putter itself. You need to have a putter that fits your body structure and putting technique.

Golf Fitness Advice

Did you know that an average player walks 4 to 5 miles every round they play? When you think of it like that, many people begin to realize that golf has a fitness component that might not be that obvious when you first mention it.

Golf Club For Beginners

There are plenty of people who have watched and studied the many different styles of golf which are being televised on the sports channels of many different countries, and then there are some who may have accompanied their friends or work colleagues to one of the many golf courses and decided it might be a fun idea to step out of the golf cart and to try playing a round of golf for themselves. This may have been yourself or even maybe someone known to yourself, it maybe worthwhile considering the purchasing of a golf club starter pack before spending large amounts of your hard earned savings on the more pricey sets. Only after playing the game for a reasonable length of time can a novice or beginner really decide whether or not the game of golf maybe something that they feel they want to continue to play.

Custom Golf Clubs – Why You Need it

The next time you are on the golf course, take a good look around you. Everyone has his or her own personal characteristics. Now, observe everyone else’s clubs. Are their clubs the same with uniform grips and lengths? Chances are you will answer no. This observation only means that the regular or standard clubs don’t fit the majority of golf players. So if you really want to improve your game, you will seriously consider having custom golf clubs.

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