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Tips on How to Hit Golf Ball Straight

Golf is a game of mastery, but just like in any endeavor a person would only be successful once they learn to love the game. Loving the game means taking the time to learn how one can be better at it every time one plays it.

Learn How to Hit Fairway Woods

A lot of golf players are puzzled as to how they can hit fairway woods, mastering this technique is part of mastering the game and becoming more efficient at it. In order for one to hit fairway woods they need to make sure that the position of the ball is correct. The ball position would play a major part in your success. The ball needs to be placed about 2 inches behind the left heel if you are a right hand player. This positioning is enough to allow the ball to propel forward and ensures that it will have a solid contact.

Making Golf Fun For Kids

Everyone has been there before, being a kid can be tough, and learning something needs to be fun. Golfing is no different. Teaching kids to golf is a task in itself, so making sure they are having fun will not only make it easier on the instructor, but it will also ensure that the kids are willing to stick with the program to become good golfers.

Gently Used Golf Balls Save Money and Time

Buying used golf balls saves money over buying new ones. Gently loved equipment is usually not of lower quality, they were simply found by the golf course staff and may have only been hit one or two times. That means you can get comparable quality golf balls for a fraction of the price.

Taylormade R11 Driver – The Facts

The Taylormade R11 driver became available in February 2011 so is the very latest model driver from Taylormade. Their drivers have always been very popular and I’m sure this will be no exception with the new technology and innovation in the R11 driver.

Fixing a Golf Shank – How to Get Your Swing Back on the Straight and Narrow

Oh no! Not the dreaded lateral again. The shank is a golf swing flaw that will rear its ugly head every now and then. If you are consistently fighting the shank, there are three things you can do to fix it.

Golf Driver Tips

Many websites as well as magazines only feature the usual golf tips that don’t actually let you achieve results that prove useful in the long run. There are a lot of tips that these sites as well as magazines feature but those tips don’t actually make your game better. Truth be told, what can really make your game better is practice. There is no such thing as a quick fix to make your game better. Also, there is no such thing as hitting numbers of golf balls with each driver making you better. Hitting the golf ball simply means making the ball accelerate with the club’s head. What this simply means is that hitting a lot of balls won’t necessarily make your game any better.

Golf Club Distances

Many people who play golf don’t always understand what it means by achieving golf club distances and it’s high time that they do. There are a few questions that can be of use to you, such as what club to use.

Golf Back Swing – Some Important Info You Should Take Note Of

A lot of golfers prefer to go “low and slow” when it comes to swinging their clubs. This can be viable if you happen to be prone to very quick swings. However, there are those who won’t do well if this is what they do. This is because they tend to sway and not rotate on their golf back swing if the focus is on keeping clubs low or near to the ground. Also, a very slow back swing can be the cause of an overswing, which can lead to you lunging into your downswing. As such, both swings achieve bad results. Take note thought that each golfer differs when it comes to the speed of their swings.

Simple Golf Tips To Help Your Game

One of the attractions of golf is that it takes an immense amount of skill to perfect or improve your game, however this has in the past led to the game becoming ever so slightly elitist as only the well off could afford to take lessons and lower their handicaps. This is no longer the case nowadays as the internet has allowed every man and his dog access to top tips and advice, as well as simple golf instruction online. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost of professional lessons.

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