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The Sun Was in My Eyes

Although we know how story telling – making ready made excuses for our play – can negatively effect our play, sometimes it’s challenging to resist the stories and stay in the present for each shot. To understand Level of consciousness is to understand one of the most important ingredients of golf’s mental game. This is a description of a Sunday golf day when I allowed myself to start the round in a cave of borrowed consciousness – the story telling mode – became aware of my thoughts, none too soon, and emerged from the cave with some timely in the moment inner-game play. You’ll read how to recognize story telling, and how to get back in the present for your best play.

How to Stop Slicing and Maximize Power and Distance

Do you want to know how to stop slicing the ball with no hocus pocus golf swing secrets? Yes, then this article is for you. The golf swing slice is a problem for a lot of golfers. If you listen to some people on the green you will have noticed this. Bit how can you cure your slice in a short period of time?

How to Correct Your Golf Swing Slice For More Distance and End of Frustration

If you are like me you will have ask the question “How To Correct a Slice?” a few times on the green. The golf swing slice is one of the most common faults a golfer can do. It took me 6 months to stop slicing the ball. But why such a long time? Well, I struggled to find the right solutions to my problem.

How to Swing Your Golf Club the Right Way & Quickly Improve Your Golf Score

The fastest and easiest way to improve your golf game is to focus on your swing. Find out how to get a better swing and in turn, a more enjoyable game of golf!

Grooves in Golf Clubs – Will You Be Affected by the New Rules?

Many of you may have heard about the change in the rules relating to grooves in golf clubs which comes into effect on 1st January 2010, but do you know whether or not you will be affected? This short article will explain.

3 Golf Swing Keys to Get More Distance and Maximize Your Game

The most golfers are complaining about their golf swing. There are questions like “What is the proper way to swing a golf club?”. Well, the easy answer is, follow some basic techniques and drills to learn the right golf swing sequence.

How to Get More Distance – 3 Tips For the Perfect Golf Swing

Have you ever heard these questions on the range? “What is the proper way to swing a golf club?” or “Show me a proper golf Swing?”. I think yes otherwise you would not read this article. These kind of questions are often asked by many golfers. They want to improve their game. Getting more distance and power to maximize their effort is not rocket science. But how to get more distance and better your game seriously?

The Study of a Bad Golf Swing to Acquire a Proper Golf Swing

The most important thing that a golfer should acquire is a proper golf swing that is near perfect. It should be the endless effort of both veterans of the game and the novice to get a better swing at the next eighteen holes. The number of books on golf and the instructional videos available could confuse a beginner and no matter how many times or how many books you read or the DVDs you watch, they will be of no avail if the basics of the game, that remain the same for every golfer, is not properly understood and assimilated thoroughly.

Why Famous Golf Clubs Worldwide Choose Graeme Baxter

It’s best to only invest in the golf artwork created by renowned artists. With so many prestigious golf courses commissioning an golf art such as Royal County Down, Cypress Point, Augusta, Cypress Point, St. Andrews and Pebble Beach. Learn why the invest in their golf landscaping and why they choose only the finest golf artists for the job.

The Analysis of a Proper Golf Swing

Golfers like Tiger Woods are envied for their skill in the execution of the proper golf swing. The pure joy of watching them swing their clubs and sending the ball soaring up into the air and away over the fairway, knows no bounds.

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