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Golf Flexibility Exercise – Why is it So Important?

It is important to stretch before playing golf if you want to have a backswing that has maximum distance and power. Stretching also helps improve your range of motion.

The Second Best Golf Tip Ever

Slow down and breathe. There, you now know the second-best golf tip you’ll ever get. Slow down and breathe. And now that you know the secret, let me slowly explain it to you.

How to Get Power in Your Swing

When it comes to the golf swing the setup is really important. This in essence sets the stage for your swing performance. It is not as complicated as you

Online Golf Videos – Are These Beneficial to Your Game?

If you’ve browsed the internet looking for information on the sport, you have likely come across an online golf video or two. Some may wonder if the techniques in these videos are worth being followed. Honestly, learning how to improve your golf swing and lower your score through video is very beneficial.

Do You Want to Break 80 – Here’s How?

If you really want to break 80 in golf then you will need to strategically plan out how you are going to do so. Essentially you are going to have to connect the dots. How you play golf is very much influenced by how you think, the purpose behind strategic planning is so that your mind can see that it is possible and therefore you become more confident in your ability to do so.

How You Can Simply Cure a Golf Slice

When you have a slice in your golf game it can really get you in trouble. The goal here is to get rid of the slice. When you do you will enjoy your game…

How to Cure a Slice Fast

If you have been troubled with a golf slice then I imagine you want to get rid of it fast. In this article I will share some simple tips so that you can eliminate that slice quickly. Tip number one is this, check your grip.

What You Can Do to Simply Cure a Golf Slice

The goal is simple, get rid of your golf slice. We all know that when you slice the ball you lose distance. Not only is your distance affected, so is your accuracy.

Quick Simple Golf Improvement Tips

This is actually very important. You need to know which way to address the golf ball. The reason for this is because you want to set up right so that you can

3 Effective Ways to Cure a Golf Slice Quickly

In this brief article I am going to cover three effective ways you can cure your golf slice quickly. We all know that a slice in your golf shot can be a real pain in the neck.

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