Do golf shoes ACTUALLY matter? | Danielle Kang and Joaquin Niemann Swing Challenge

Tips for Buying Used Golf Carts

A golf cart may look more of a luxury item than a necessity at first glance. But as your golf game becomes regular, you will come to a point when you finally decide that you need one.

Play Golf in the Zone – Three Mental Keys for Peak Performance

If you want to play in the zone more then you must have an effective shot routine. This mental golf tip shares 3 key elements to incorporate in your game to play your best more consistently. Learn more by reading on.

The 3 P’s of Peak Performance Golf and the Zone

If you want to lower your score and improve your performance on the golf course then having a mental strategy for success is crucial. This article reveals the 3 P’s of peak performance and provides you with a simple, yet effective mental strategy to get you playing golf in the zone. Must read for all serious golfers.

5 Types of Goals To Improve Your Golf Game

If you want to improve your golf game, lower your score, and achieve more success than having clearly defined goals is a must. This article shares 5 types of goals you can set for you golf game to keep you on the path of consistent improvement and achievement. There are no two swings exactly alike, but one thing all the greats have in common are goals. Read on and begin setting goals in your golf game.

Understand the Learning Process for Improving Your Mental Golf Game

How do you know you are making progress in improving your mental golf game? This article explains the levels of learning every golfer must go through on their journey to developing the mind of a champion. Must read for all serious golfers.

How Your Golf Handicap Is Actually Limiting Your Potential

Golfers what is your handicap? This is probably an easy question for most avid golfers to answer but did you know your answer could be the thing limiting your success on the golf course? Read on to discover how your golf handicap could actually be handicapping your performance in golf.

Another Friend Ends Up On The Losing Side Of A Good Deal On A Golf Cart!

Weekly, we see or hear about “the good deal” supposedly of a friend or neighbor that ends up not being such a good deal when discovering how much the repairs are going to cost in order to be able to use the golf cart. Another sucker, I mean well-intentioned person joins the group of disappointed individuals who thought they were getting a steal of a deal after purchasing a cheap golf cart.

Golfers – How to Talk to Yourself In the Morning To Create More Success

One thing that unites all the greats in golf is a positive mental attitude. This article teaches a simple daily mental fitness exercise for golfers that will help boost self-image, establish a positive mental attitude, direct the mind to success. Discover how to empower your mind by creating a self-talk script.

Why It May Be Best Not to Emulate the Professional’s Putting Stoke

Watching old film of golfers of 50 years ago and more and comparing it to the putting stroke of golfers today, we can see that generally speaking quite a lot has changed. Today we see the long pendulum stroke where there is very little wrist action and the energy of the stroke comes mostly from the shoulders.

Putting a Golf Ball – Body Alignment Versus Putter Alignment

I am going to go against what many people who give advice on putting assume as almost accepted wisdom. A good deal of what you read about consistent putting is that you must have your feet, hips and shoulders perfectly parallel to the target line. This seems to be one of those things that are so obvious that little real reasoning is given as to why.

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