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Golf Vacation Travel Companions

All golfers like to practice their craft when on vacation. Here are a few tips when planning your next golf vacation.

Golf’s Power Generators

On the golf course, we are all looking for those extra few yards. Here are some simple exercises to help you generate that power on the golf course.

What’s the Best Mental State to Play Golf?

Every golf coach will tell you the importance of mental skills and talk about awareness, focus and concentration. I often hear these terms used to mean one thing, but are they all the same? I would say no. So what’s the difference?

The Here and Now For Golfers – What’s on Your Mind?

You’re probably familiar with the terms ‘the here and now’ or ‘being in the moment’, but what’s the practical benefit for a golfer of something that sounds just a little bit wacky? Can it really help you play better golf?

Golf Movies

There have been many golf movies made over the years. Golfers and non-golfers alike have their favourites. If a movies is well made, the fact that it is wrapped around the game of golf should not matter.

How to Prevent the Most Common Golf Injuries

Don’t let that annoying twinge become a golfing career-limiting injury. Take the right course of action early and prevent the misery of a recurring nightmare.

Don’t Be a Frustrated Golfer – Be an Armchair Zen Master!

Do you easily get annoyed with yourself on the golf course? You know it doesn’t help, but can you learn to become a calm, detached golfer?

Golf Tips – Beating the Long Hitter

Golf is a game about playing the best shots you can each time you step up to the ball. It all starts on the tee box with the drive.

6 Tips to Prevent ‘Topped Shots’

There are many reasons for topping your shot. If you don’t know what they are then you will never be able to fix them. We will discuss the of the reason for topped shots and how to prevent them in this article.

Perfect Golf Swing Techniques

Getting a perfect golf can be tricky. It is what everyone wants when they play golf. Amateurs and professionals both practice getting a better swing day and night. With a few tips and a good amount of practice you will be able to improve your golf swing.

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