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Sonocaddie V300 Color Golf GPS Review

The Sonocaddie V300 is one of several Golf GPS devices from the brand. It is actually one of the latest models, as it is preceded by the V100 and XV2 versions, and it is succeeded by the most recent V500 model.

Izzo Swami 1500 Golf GPS Unit Review

Don’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a gadget but want to improve your game? Well, then the Izzo Swami 1500 golf GPS unit just might be the answer for you. Whether you are just beginning or are a pro-golfer, this simple, easy to use GPS unit is a fun gadget that can help improve your game.

How to Swing a Golf Club Correctly – A Beginners Guide

Every golf swing consists of the same basic components or parts. These are  the backswing (or takeaway), the downswing, and the follow-through. By understanding each of the three parts that make up the golf swing, a beginning golfer can better understand what he or she must do to swing the golf club correctly.

Golf School Packages – Your Way to Save on Golf School

Want to save on bills with golf school packages? Golf is becoming the new thing in sports today as more and more people are watching the sport on television and getting themselves updated in the recent happenings in the world of golf. It’s difficult not to like the sport for it’s like a breath of fresh air into the world of sports.

The Advantages Of Distance Golf Balls

There are several advantages to using distance golf balls. This article outlines the four main reasons why using a distance golf ball may help your game.

How To Grip The Golf Club Properly To Improve Golf Swing

If you want to improve your golf game, you have to know how to swing the golf club properly. If you want to improve your golf swing, you have to know how to hold your golf club properly. The better word for holding the golf club is, gripping the golf club.

Stop Slicing The Golf Ball! 5 Tips To Fix A Slice

Having issues with slicing a golf ball and being frustrated with trying to fix a slice in your swing? If so I’ve got 5 solid slice tips that will do just that – Fix Your Slice…

The Best Golf Courts in the World

Golf is considered an exclusive sport, only dedicated to the rich guys. At least this seems to the image promoted by the Hollywood films, which give us the impression that such a court is restricted for you if you don’t belong to the high-life. However, this is not really true, although there are a few golf courts which are definitely not accessible to everyone, but that is because they are regarded as the best golf courts in the entire world. These are places which the ones who love this sport must see at least once in their lifetime.

Golf Is the Most Important Attraction for Businessmen

Although Winston Churchill is not necessarily a man who made his way into history through his sports performances, he classified golf as being a sport where you have to hit a ball too hard to get it into a too small hole with a completely inappropriate instrument. However, golf represents a passion for millions of people and captivates people between four and ninety years old. Also, it has known an incredible popularity over the last ten years.

General Rules With Playing Golf

When it comes to the origins of golf, there are about three theories, all just as plausible. It is quite difficult to figure out how, when and where this sport first appeared, but it can be noticed that golf has older roots than many of the other sports and that there is nothing weird about the popularity it has today. First of all, businessmen find their relaxation in this sport and they also play it during their working hours because they can carry different debates while playing it.

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