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New to Golf? How to Buy New Clubs

Time to buy your first set of golf clubs? Because you are just starting it probably won’t be the best set of clubs that money can buy, but here are some hints to help you. Your first set should contain individual clubs that can help you develop your game.

Increasing Range Of Motion For Seniors Means More Distance

One of the most common complaints from older golfers is that they can’t seem to be able to hit the ball as far as they used to. For some, this frustration often leads to less playing time or giving up the game entirely.

Wedge Size For Better Golf

The correct wedge size is important in golf. Have you ever checked to see if your wedge size actually fits in with the existing set of irons you are playing?

Golf Courses – Mallorca – Arrabella Golf Resort

Mallorca has long been known as a golfer’s paradise. With its stunning courses and it’s even more spectacular views, the golf courses in Mallorca will test your golfing skills and delight you at every turn. There is also a golf course for every golf player. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer testing your skills, you will find a golf course in Mallorca that is perfect for you.

The Right Golf Ball Retriever For Every Golfer

Golf ball retrievers so many styles and sizes. There are many different styles of golf ball retrievers to choose from: rake headed, spring headed, ring headed, hinged, extendable, teardrop, hide-away and cupped. Mud-weasels will allow you to retrieve balls from soft-mud, sand or silty water

Golf Conditioning

Many golfers seem surprised at the mention strength training or athletic preparation. They still believe the outdated and incorrect stereotype that golfers don’t put much strain on their body due to the leisurely pace of their chosen sport, in fact this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth, yes there is a leisurely strolling around side to golf, but the other side of that is full force maximum effort being repeat up to 50 times in a session.

Beginning Golf – The Golf Handicap Systems Will Help You With Competitive Play

When playing golf there is a standard handicap system that is used by all golf courses. It is used in matches and tournaments. The idea behind the handicap system is to try and level up the game to make it an even playing field and a more competitive competition.

Discount Golf Clubs Are Easier Than Ever to Find

Many people lover golfing as it has become one of the most popular recreational sports today. If you visit any course you will find golfers of all ages and skill sets teeing it up. One of the problems facing any new golfer is the prospect of buying the right golf clubs as a brand new set can cost considerable money, depending on which brand you go with. Fortunately, you can find discount golf clubs if you look around long enough but you need to make sure you get the best set you can afford for your bag.

Maximum Golf Driving Distance – Play Smarter

Every golfer wants more driving distance and it’s obvious by the way any new driver on the market which promises extra yardage is snapped up. It seems like every day sees the release of a new club which will give longer, straighter performance is announced, but is that the answer? Increasing your golf driving distance is more than buying a new club and at around $400 perhaps not the cheapest option.

The Simple Golf Swing Review

Have you heard about The Simple Golf Swing but not sure if it really works? Are you interested in shooting the best golf of your life? Find out how The Simple Golf Swing can take your game to the next level!

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