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What is the Best Golf Ball For Me?

If distance is not a problem you should consider Srixon golf balls. Specifically, the Srixon Z-Star golf ball is a multi layer ball that will provide great feel, control, and they claim it gives excellent distance control with putts. This Srixon golf ball comes in around $40 for a dozen balls, and also comes in a Z-Star X for added distance.

Fix a Golf Swing – Do You Want Yours to Be Fixed?

Get ready to get some sizzling information on how to fix a golf swing. Golf season is fast approaching, and here you will get tips on improving your swing.

Golf Clubs For Juniors

More than ever, golf needs to be fun for a kid in the beginning. With some proper equipment a junior golfer will be more likely to enjoy the game and their first experience. Make the investment, you’ll be introducing them to a lifetime of enjoyment playing the greatest game!

Mizuno Golf Clubs – Putting Asia on the Golfing Map

Not to be out done, Asian countries began developing their own versions of golf clubs in the early 1930s as well. Over time several companies followed, and today, there are hundreds of golf equipment manufacturers in the continent. The most popular among these companies is Mizuno, which is considered to be one of the first companies to begin developing clubs in Asia.

Using Golf Practice Nets to Perfect Your Game

Golf practice nets are a great solution for those who want to work on their swing, but do not have the time to get out and play a full round. These golf tools are typically portable, and can be used in your back yard, or even in your home.

Callaway Golf Bags – More Room For the Right Price

If you’re tired of having to leave some of your golf clubs at home or carrying them using another bag aside from your golf bag, then you should try getting yourself one the Callaway golf bags. These are especially made to make sure you have enough room to put in all your golf clubs, including some more items that you will need on the golf course.

What is a Cut-Up Shot in Golf?

The cut-up shot is also referred as the ‘lob’. It is a difficult shot and often poised problem to new golfers. You should only do this shot when you have full confidence during a match. If not, try to avoid it. The purpose of the cut-up shot, played with a sand iron or wedges, is to put maximum height on a very short pitch. This is to ensure that the ball get little forward momentum when it pitches on the green. The height and the backspin will decide how much run the ball will run.

Discover the Right Shoulder Turn For Helping You Swing Better Golf

In order to have a good golf swing, you must check your grip, set-up, ball position, alignment and posture, as many amateurs get these all wrong. The ball should ideally be positioned just opposite the inside of your left heel. This will help you engage in an upward sweeping action through impact, giving a good launch angle.

How to Correct Poor Putting

Putting is difficult for a lot of golfers. You have to be so precise to drain a long putt, a small mistake in this area of the game can really add to your score. If you want to become a better putter, just follow the tips below you will be making birdies in no time.

Scotty Cameron Putters 62 Product Review

Finding for the right putter is never easy. There are so many putters available in the market today but not all of them are right for you. For years, Scotty Cameron Putter is known for creating great, quality and high performance putters, no wonder they were one of the most sought putter. One of the best putters from Scotty Cameron is the Scotty Cameron circa 62.

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