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How You Can Master Your Golf Swing Easily

Most skilled golfers have comparison fundamentals and techniques they use for playing golf. Some of the players, however, have some totally different techniques or swings they use that are minor compared to alternative, skilled golfers.

Golf Instruction Tips – How to Cure a Golf Slice

There are many golfers in the world that play with a terrible slice, but they haven’t found out how to solve it yet. They definitely want to know how to cure a golf slice, but nothing seems to work for them. In fact, their games are becoming frustrating and joyless because of it and they feel they’re wasting their money.

Breaking 80 Golf – Five Tips on Making the Short Putts Drop For Duffers

Uncover the secret to making those short putts consistently. Enjoy the confidence you’ll have as you stand over that 4 footer for birdie and know you will make it. With these proven techniques you make more of the money putts and lower your scores and decrease your handicap in the process.

Putting Help – Use This Simple Drill to Find the Right Pace For Your Putts For Duffers

Discover the simple method to training yourself to make the right putting stroke for any length putt. You’ve seen the pros miss a putt by leaving it just short of the hole.

My Golf Buddy and I and Our Video Lesson

After playing a round of golf, a twosome, my golf buddy and I packed away our golf clubs and headed for the 19th. I’ll get them, I said, coffee of course. We are after all both single parent fathers scraping money together just to play golf, in the twilight hours because it’s cheaper. Anyway, that’s enough of the sad stuff. My buddy suddenly stood up from the table and said, I won’t be a minute, and vanished. By the way I must add this is December around the 15, 16th something like that. Back he came with a big smile on his face. Merry Christmas he said passing me a sealed envelope. Wow, thanks I said taken by surprise.

Putting and the Mental Game of Golf

When trying to improve your score, the mental game of golf is the best place to start. Combining a strong mental approach with putting will show even greater results on the scorecard.

Golf GPS Units and Range Finders – How to Find the Best at the Right Price!

Deciding on a Golf GPS Unit or Range Finder can be a challenging task! With so many alternative units available at varying prices, you need to know what you’re looking for before you make a decision to purchase.

Golf Swing Basics – Chipping Your Way to a Lower Score

You probably already know the key to lowering your golf score is to focus on golf swing basics. This is particularly very important around the golf green, as your approach can set you up to 1 putt or 3 putt the hole. That is why chipping is the key to a lower golf score.

What Golf Cart Accessories Would You Add?

With all of the necessities that you will need to complete a round of golf, most of us if given a choice, would gladly take a cart. Which type of cart you pick is up to you, a pull style or one that you ride in are your choices.

Golf Tips – Stretching

Although golf is a non-contact sport, injuries can occur. The most common cause of injury is straining a muscle because the golfer did not properly limber his body before swinging the clubs. General physical fitness and good health can prepare a golfer’s body for the unusual body motion of the golf swing, but a good stretching routine can help also.

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