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How to Select a Golf Ball That is Right For You

You should always do some research before you buy your golf equipment. Just as well you should never overlook the importance of the golf ball. If you’ve played golf much at all, you have seen thousands of different golf balls on the course that are all different in some way.

How to Select the Proper Golfer Equipment

Selecting the correct golf equipment oftentimes is not easy. Golfers often ask what I believe is the best driver, or which shaft they should use. Well, in the realm golf equipment, everyone is unique and has different needs.

How to Select a Shaft For Your Golf Club

The shaft of your club can really hurt your game, especially in your driver. Before you can understand this, you need to comprehend why the ball goes straight or curves after you hit it. When your club face impacts the ball, it should be square, simple as that.

How to Buy Golf Equipment on eBay

eBay is full of great deals on pretty much any product on the face of this earth, including golf equipment. Learning how to dig through eBay and find the best deals can be your ticket to discount golf clubs.

Best Places to Buy Your Golf Equipment

It was my opinion that purchasing golf equipment from a golf course pro shop was never a good idea. I also believed that trading old clubs for new one was a good way to get good deals on equipment. Being employed in a pro shop helped me understand that I was incorrect in both assumptions.

What Is Course Management and How Do You Master It?

Do you know exactly how far you hit each of your clubs? My next question is, no matter how long the hole, do you (except for par 3’s) always pull out your driver?

A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Women’s Golf Shoes

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction you get from finding the perfect pair of shoes. Especially when you have been searching high and low for a specific kind shoe and you finally find it.

How to Get the Most Out of a Day at the Range

Of course you need to practice to get better at golf. But I would imagine that your practice time is precious and one trip to the range per week might be all you can afford to spend. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

The Perfect Rangefinder

Men love their toys, there is no denying that fact and one of the neatest toys you can buy for the golfer or the hunter in your family is a digital laser rangefinder. These cool little devices allow you to measure the distance to a far away object, much like binoculars but with a digital LED display that you can see through the viewfinder.

Maspalomas Golf Course – Gran Canaria Spain

Maspalomas Golf Course was designed by Mackenzy Ross in 1968 and is located in the resort of Maspalomas. Maspalomas which is in the south-eastern part of the Gran Canaria Island is amongst the sunniest parts in the world. This course is bordered by palm trees and the well-known sand dunes of Maspolomas beach, giving the golf course an exceptional ambience.

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