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Hit the Front of the Golf Ball

One thing you hear from time to time is that instead of hitting the golf ball, you should swing and let the golf ball get in the way. Nevertheless, you’re looking at the ball all the time during your swing. How do you get your mind off hitting the ball instead of swinging at it? Easy. Think about hitting the front of the ball.

Learning the Fundamentals of Ball Flight

As a golfer, it is important to learn all the aspects of the ball, and therefore one can manipulate it in order to receive the results that are desired. Golf is a cause and effect sport. There are certain special shots that golfers use in compromising situations such as the hook and the draw, which can be used in the bunkers or fairways.

The Many Aspects of the Golf Grip

Your hands are your only connection to the club so it is important to have a good grip. Once you learn how to grip the club in your fingertips, there are couple of choices you can make. First you have to decide how you want to connect your hands, then you can make a few other stylistic choices as well.

Performance Anxiety in Golf

One of the unique things about golf is that it’s an individual sport that requires lots of little successes for an overall positive round. With most sports, there are teammates to lean upon and any one play won’t have a huge impact on the overall result. With golf, it is all on you to perform and one slip up can mean a huge difference in your score.

Ladies Golf Clothes – Guide to Ladies Knitwear

Think of golf clothes and a golf sweater, probably with an Argyle pattern, is most likely the first thing to spring to mind. Knitwear is synonymous with golf and as such there are a wide number of options to choose from. A great sweater is a much smarter option than a sporty fleece, it will last for years and styles are unlikely to date. They are also a great fashion item so if your golf outfit needs an instant fix why not update your look with one of this seasons on-trend colours?

Golf Distance Now – Fixing Your Swing

If you’re having trouble generating the power, velocity or distance of your golf swing, you may just need to do some fine tuning. Something as small as a quick pre-game exercise can improve your game tremendously. Here’s some advice for achieving that perfect swing.

4 Steps to Finally Fix Your Golf Slice

If you can’t seem to get out of the nasty slice in your swing there is only 4 things that you need to focus on to finally get rid of this ever growing problem. Learn 4 simple steps that will get you hitting longer, straighter shots, ones you can be proud of!

Perfect Golf Swing Drills – Fix the Slice in Your Golf Swing

Watching your golf shot start left and then take a hard right turn is so frustrating. Fixing the slice in your golf swing is not as hard as it may seem. Try these steps on how to swing a golf club, designed to fix the slice in your golf swing…

Hypnosis For Golf – Does it REALLY Work?

Anyone who has ever played golf will know how to get a bucket of balls and head to the driving range. What separates the great golfers from the poor ones is the ability to not only play the physical side of the game, but also handle the mental side of things.

Managing Frustration and Anger in Golf

A very smart man once said that playing golf is a great idea when you are mad at someone else, because the game will make you so mad at yourself, that you will forget all about the transgressions of others. Unfortunately for many golfers, this is a reality of hitting the links every time out.

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