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Cushman Golf Carts – Owning a Piece of History

Would you like to own a piece of history? Owning a Cushman golf cart might just do that for you. Let’s face it, this is one manufacturer that has been in business for decades, and many of us remember their first offerings. If you are old enough, you recall the three-wheel vehicles this company brought out so many years ago. They were incredibly popular then, and, believe it or not, they are still in use today. One thing is for sure: the Cushman golf cart stands alone in terms of history and reliability.

How to Chip – Golf Tips

These easy golf tips, including a video, will teach you how to chip. Golf is a demanding game and learning how to chip is just as important as other facets of the game.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Hit a Punch Shot For Duffers

Learn the secrets to one of the most versatile shots a golfer can know. Use this special shot to gain an advantage over your playing partners and lower your handicap. Uncover the hidden mysteries to the knockdown shot and you’ll know how to keep the ball low when the lie or conditions demand it.

A Golf Swing Lesson – Could it Help You?

All golf players would like every one of their games to go well. But this is not always the case. Even the best golfers have bad games.

Is the Masters Only the 2nd Most Prestigious Golf Major?

April 2009 saw the Spaniard Angel Cabreras win the Masters golf tournament at the Augusta golf course. The Masters is one of the 4 ‘major’ golf tournaments held each year, and I think it sits 2nd in the list of prestige. Here’s why…

Callaway Golf Bag – What to Consider When Getting a New Golf Bag!

Callaway makes many different golf bags, but there are some things you should know about a callaway golf bag. Before you just go buying any old bag you really need to think about what type of golf bag is going to fit you and your needs the best. There are so many styles now that you have to know what you are after so that you get the best possible bag for your needs. Here are a few styles of callaway golf bags and what you need to consider.

Travel Golf Bags – The Choices You Have Out There!

Are you looking for the best travel golf bags? Do you want to make sure your clubs are protected during the entire trip that are planning to take? There are many different options, but there are also a few things you need to consider when protecting your golf clubs. Here is what you need to know.

Why You Should Consider Single Length Golf Clubs

If you spend much time around golfers you have probably heard Single Length Golf Clubs talked about, or have seen a group standing around gawking at a set on the driving range. I had heard quite a bit about them, lots of talk in the club house and driving range, but the information all seemed a little confusing to me.

Learning How to Play Golf – The Basics

Learning how to play golf can be a very humbling experience! Besides the inherent difficulty of hitting a little white ball with a stick, there are the rules to learn, an entire new vocabulary, seemingly strange golf etiquette, special clothes, and all of the special equipment and gadgets associated with the sport of golf.

Cranky Back? Golf is Still a Game You Can Play – Some Golf Swing Adjustments

I live in Venice Florida, it’s a great place to live, a well kept secret in Southwest Florida. Lots of beaches, easy boating, great fishing, lots and lots of golf courses. And the people here are just great. A big number of these people are getting a tad long in the tooth though. That means that the body parts just don’t act as well as they used to. The joints are less lubricated, the back is stiffer and less likely to allow for easy loosening up, not like the younger years. Some have even more serious issues with bones, joints and muscle groups. This makes it very tough to play golf, sadly, some have has to give it up completely.

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