Daniel Berger ‘felt strongly’ about controversial ball drop | Golf Channel

Longest Par 3 in the World in South Africa

It’s located high on Hanglip Mountain and it’s meant as a novelty hole. It also has some very cool features that you won’t find on a typical golf course. For example, there are four cameras and the latest tracking equipment that allows golfers to follow and capture their tee shot and the flight of the ball.

How To Develop Effective Muscle Memory

The key to a consistent golf swing is effective muscle memory. A consistent golf swing is a product of your ability to abandon conscious control and allow muscle memory to take over. In this two part series, you will learn the secrets to developing optimum muscle memory and setting your swing on automatic pilot.

Junior Golf – First Tee Program

Those of you that watch professional golf on television have most certainly watched commercials which promote the First Tee Program. So, what is the First Tee Program? Does this program really work?

Junior Golf – Parent Observation

Hi folks! Like many of you, I am the parent of a junior golfer. As a parent, I think we have a large role in the development of our junior golfer’s athletic careers.

Junior Golf – Scoring Tip

I wanted to share with you some of my personal experiences in dealing with my son, the junior golfer. How many times have you walked the golf course with your junior golfer (age 8 – 18), only to have them completely fall apart because they got a double on the first hole. Or how about this, your junior golfer is half way through the front nine, shooting 1 over, then they get a six on a par 3.

Future of Junior Golf – Tournaments

So, you have a junior golfer (ages 8-18). Like you, I have a son that plays junior golf. I have been around the junior golf world for many years.

Junior Golf – Putting

I often think about ways for my son to improve his golf score. In my opinion, there is no question one of the best ways to improve anyone’s golf score is to work on your short game. Any shot 120 yards and in.

Choosing The Right Collegiate Golf Bag

With so many different options on the market for choosing the right collegiate golf bag, it gets a little difficult making a smart buyers choice. I give pointers and advice to prevent you from suffering buyers remorse.

What’s in a Golf Ball?

You may be under the impression that a golf ball is just a golf ball. Well, to put it simply, this is far from the truth. Golf balls go under almost as much engineering as your standard space shuttle. There are dedicated teams of scientists all around the world looking to improve the spin, flight time, and durability of these little round wonders. Therefore, the technology used is always advancing, and the modern day golf ball is light years apart from the solid piece balls of the past. If you’re intrigued to find out more, then read on…

What Materials You Need to Look for in a Golf Driver

The driver is one of the most important clubs in golf. It’s all well and good if you can make a great putt, but if you’re struggling to hit that ball a fair distance to begin with, then you’re using up extra shots to get to the green. As with all sporting equipment, nothing is made equal. There are many variations of the driver club on the market. This article will take a quick look at the materials they are made from, and give you an overview of each.

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