Curating Priceless Golf Artifacts Is One of the Best Jobs In Golf

Improving the Golf Game For Left Handers

Are you a left handed golfer? It’s a proven fact that you are in the minority. Not only are only 10%-15% of people on the planet left handed but in actual fact only around 8% of golfers play left handed. That’s because some left handed people play golf the same way that right handed people do. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage? Lets take a look a little closer at this and you might find the conclusion a little surprising.

Variety is the Spice of a Golfer’s Life

You will probably find that there are certain shots you are not very good at along with other elements of your golf game. You will therefore find that you concentrate on these areas during your practice sessions by playing the same shots over and over again until you fix the problem. However, don’t miss the opportunity to improve other areas of your game which you haven’t identified as a problem. Vary your practice session and aim to improve your overall game.

How Can I Improve My Golf Swing? Your Question Answered Right Here!

Maybe the most common question in golf is how can I improve my golf swing? This is something that everyone asks no matter what skill level you currently possess. With that said I am going to share 3 tips that players of any ability level can use in order to hit better golf shots and learn to make great golf swings on a consistent basis.

The Golf Swing – There Are at Least 4 Basic Elements of a Simple Golf Swing

The basic elements of the golf swing come into play eveytime the golfer takes a shot. These elements include: alignment of the body with the intended target, alignment of the club face toward the intended target, position of the body in relation to the ball, and finally, the swing itself. Putting this all together correctly is one reason golf is such a challenge.

Is Equipment Ruining Your Game? It’s Important to Get it Suited to You – Articles Series 10 of 13

Is your equipment suited to your build, height, swing speed and the way you swing the club? If not it could be costing you more shots around the course than you realise. Having your clubs custom fit to your swing should not cost you any more as most custom fits are now free, when you buy a quality set of irons. Get more than one opinion on what you need if you do not trust the intentions of a retailer. Your club Pro or the custom fit centre should have your game at heart and not their profit margins.

Do You Enjoy Attending Golf Tournaments? 3 Tips That Will Make the Experience More Enjoyable

If you are lucky enough to have a professional golf tournament come to an area near you, I’m sure that you, like most avid golfers, will want to attend. Attending one of these spectacular events serves two purposes. One you can get up close to the people that really know the game…the professionals. You can see how they play and you just might pick up a few pointers along the way. The other purpose is purely aesthetic. You can’t really experience the game of golf sitting in front of your TV. You need to be out there where you can hear the comments, smell the smells, and feel the thrills when a pro makes a really good or a really bad shot. The three tips I’ve included below will hopefully make the tournament experience a truly memorable event in your life.

Hit Better Golf Shots With These 3 Tips and Shoot Lower Scores Fast!

No matter what your skill level is with regard to this great game, one common thing that we have in common is that we all want to hit better golf shots and shoot lower golf scores. Really there is no secret to doing this, and in fact you can improve rather quickly if you are willing to do a few basic things. Here I am going to share with you 3 tips that can have you hitting the ball better faster than you ever thought possible!

Golf Swing Fix Instructions

Many new and experienced golfers have problems with their golf swing fix. It’s quite embarrassing when people from the audience back away whenever you come close to the tee. Working on your swing is necessary especially if you notice that all the golf balls are heading in the wrong directions. There are several effective ways to fix your golf swing and it would be best if you will be accompanied by a person who is good in playing golf…

Golf Slice Cure – A Quick Way to Do It

Golfers dread the banana shot. Developing a golf slice cure is common among beginners and some pros also encounter such problems. Low-handicap players also tend to slice their shots without any warning. A tiny flaw in your technique can amplify or expose a golf slice. So what do you think is the best way to stop a golf slice?

Golf Biomechanics – Understanding the Swing Physics

If you want to know about the scientific distinction between winners and losers, newbie and pros, you should know what golf biomechanics is. Biomechanics is also called MOCAP or Motion Capture technology and it is known as the body motion’s mechanical analysis.

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