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Stop Slicing the Golf Ball – 3 Tips For Greater Accuracy and Distance You Can Use Today!

One of the most common concerns for the average golfer is how to stop slicing the golf ball. This can be difficult to accomplish if you do not know the proper swing fundamentals, but once you know what to work on then you should have no trouble straightening out your shots and shooting lower scores. Here I am going to give you three tips to stop your slice, and add power to your golf swing.

Get More Distance With Your Driver – Locate Reliable Info the Easy Way

When you jump online for info that will help you get more distance with your driver, what do you see? If you’re like most, you are quickly bombarded with extremely conflicting knowledge on how to go about it. How do you know which sites and guides have even worked for others? There’s a quick solution to this, so you can get directly to reliable, trusted information.

Golf Basics For Beginners – Pin Pointing the Very Reliable Info

When you jump onto your computer to surf for golf basics for beginners, are you seeing reliable info? It’s very hard to tell, because there is so much contradicting stuff out there on the subject. How do you even know which guides, techniques and general knowledge are good and have worked for other real life golfers?

Golf, Hypnosis, Sports Psychology and a Cure For a Rivalry

Can hypnosis really help golfers to compete better? How can hypnosis be used to help a golfer beat a rival or a nemesis? This article describes a case study which should be on interest to pros, weekend warriors and hackers.

The Importance of a Proper Golf Grip

It can’t be emphasized enough how important a proper golf grip is to enjoying the game of golf and shooting lower scores. I remember reading Jack Nicklaus’ book when I was a kid and studying the words and pictures he used to describe the different types of golf grips, and the grip that he used to win all of his major championships. An entire chapter was devoted to the proper golf grip, if Jack thought it was that important then you should too.

Want to Lower Your Golf Score? Hypnotize Your Caddy

For many years, I have counseled golfers who play at various levels. My patients have included professionals, highly ranked amateurs, college players, high school golfers and warriors.

Golf Driver Swing – Refined Awareness & Effortless Power

The golf driver swing is the most exciting and fascinating swing in golf. It can be learned through awareness drills that help the golfer feel the proper moves and how they work together.

Do You Want to Hit Better Iron Shots – 3 Tips For Better Iron Shots

There is nothing worse than when you hit a good drive straight down the fairway and then come along and execute a poor iron shot. Golf as you know works from tee to green and if part of your game is strong this does not mean that your scores will improve as a whole. The biggest challenge that many amateurs face is club selection.

Want to Buy a Golf eBook?

Are you looking for some motivation in your golf game? If your answer is affirmative, then you need to try out some ebooks on golf.

Top 3 Golf Grip Tips – To Improve Performance and Help Fix Common Faults

One of the most important elements of your set-up is how you hold the golf club – the grip. Get the grip right and you are well on your way to playing some great golf shots. We are all looking to improve our game every time we go out onto the course, whether it’s trying to get more distance off the tee, eliminating a slice, or ridding ourselves of the dreaded snap-hook.

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