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How Do Handheld GPS Golf Units Differ From Golf Range Finders?

Golfers like to have the best score and those that have discovered handheld GPS golf units and golf rangefinders like to be equipped with the best device. In order to figure out which device is the best they need to determine how they are similar, how they differ, and what features they each employ. This article focuses on how these two types of units differ.

You Can Find the Right Golf Ball For Your Own Game

What is the #1 ball in golf? Is it the #1 golf ball for seniors seeking distance? Is it the #1 golf ball for a regular player seeking feel and green side control? Is it the #1 ball in golf for a golfer new to the game seeking a good value-for-money purchase as they see their balls disappear into lakes ponds and over fences? Each golfer has a unique swing profile, described by their consistency and factors such as how much club head speed they can generate, how they launch the golf ball and how much the ball spin based on the combination of spin and equipment created by that golfer.

Play Better Golf With Fitness Strength Training

Did you know that regular fitness strength training can improve your golf? Playing better golf often simply means enjoying the game free from injuries.

The Art of Getting it Close – Golf Tips on Chipping

Are you looking for ways to get the ball closer to the hole? Is your chipping holding you back from getting to the next level? If so, here are a few golf tips on chipping that will improve your score right away.

Can Golf School Help Or Hinder Your Golf Swing?

In order to improve your golf swing, you need to understand and implement changes in the mechanics of your golf swing. Golf school can be a great learning experience for any golfer at any skill level.

Golf Swing Help – A Connected Swing

Many players strive to have a connected golf swing. It is a critical and challenging movement and it can be difficult to make all the individual components that make up the swing gel together in one fluid movement. Several factors can cause this as the fact is that many different parts of the human body are being used in the different parts that make up the swing action

Want to Shave 10-15 Strokes Off Your Golf Score? Practice These Five Great Putting Drills!

In the game of golf it’s always the short game that makes or breaks your score. If you typically two or three putt almost every hole, you will never improve, no matter how far you drive the golf ball. Get yourself to the practice green and practice these five great putting routines before you go out for your next round of golf. Watch your game excel!

Golf Tips on Driving – 5 Easy Adjustments

Can you give me some golf tips on driving? On the course, I am asked this question time and time again. Why do you think that is?

Tips For Buying Golf Clubs Online

There are plenty of opinions when it comes to buying golf gear online – what to do, what not to do, where to buy, where not to buy, etc. The buying tips in this section are a combination of my personal experiences, feedback in golf forums and research. I hope (and expect) that they’ll be something in here to help you get what you want for the right price, with as little hassle as possible.

New Statistic For Recreational Golfers

There is a new statistic that would be useful for recreational golfers interested in analyzing their golf game. It’s called Yards Per Stroke and it shows your efficiency in navigating the course.

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