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The Simple Golf Swing – An Independent Review

Nearly every golfer I know wants to improve their golf swing and play better golf, but will the simple golf swing improve your golf swing and help you play better? See my review and the results that I had by using the simple golf swing.

Simple Changes I Used to Improve My Golf Swing

One of my ultimate goals in life is to improve my golf swing. Discover techniques I used to improve my golf swing in less than a week and reduce my scores by 7 strokes.

Take Five Strokes Off Your Golf Score Immediately

All good golfers will tell you that golf is a mental game. Since the body reacts to what the mind tells it to do, it stands to reason that what we put in our mind will show in the actions of the body. Now with that scientific stuff out of the way, let’s see how it effects our golf score.

Key to Hitting Down on Your Irons

For a full swing shot, I think hitting irons is the most difficult for the average amateur. There’s something more natural about sweeping a fairway wood or hitting up with a driver. Good iron play demands that you trap the ball between the clubface and the turf. In other words you’ve got to hit down on the ball, which may be counter-intuitive, but it’s also one of the most written golf instructions. So how does the average player learn this important technique?

The Secret of Hitting Golf Irons

I’m about five inches from being an outstanding golfer. That’s the distance my left ear is from my right. – (quoted by Ben Crenshaw) – That statement applies to every golfer, from the bungling duffer to the tournament pro. We either think too much or not enough, but you do need to think and that thinking must be constructive. I’m not going to preach the power of positive thinking here, but I am going to give you some golf pitching tips that border on that line of thinking.

Slow Play in Golf

Is it just me, or is play becoming slower? I thought last year was a deterioration from the year before. Now this year seems to be even worse. Golf is not growing. Could slow play be part of the reason? 4 hours for 18 holes is plenty of time.

Swing Keys – Do They Work?

There’s an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal not that long ago by John Paul Newport called ‘The Keys to Swing Keys’. It discusses something every serious golfer has encountered; swing keys can be useful but they’re lucky to last even one round. So how do we get swing thoughts to work in our favor?

Travel Tips For Scottish Golf Holidays

Are you looking to take a golf holiday to the hallowed grounds of golfs birthplace? If, so, I can offer you many tips and suggestions to having a fun and enjoyable experience in Scotland.

A Good Golf Swing Eluding You? Time to “Get a Grip” in 5 Simple Steps

You remember that one time 3 years ago when you managed to surprise everyone (most of all yourself!) with that legendary 300 yard drive. Yet, despite all the practice you put in, a consistently good golf swing eludes you. This article will give you a simple 5 step formula that will guarantee you literally “get a grip” on your game.

Scotland Golf Highlights

I want to wrap up the Scottish golfing trip with a piece on the golfing highlights of every course we played. I’ll follow this with coverage of our B&B accommodations which, with one exception, were superb.

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