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Golf Chipping Tips – Learn to Master Your Golf Chipping From Any Position

Is chipping the part of your golf game that is suffering? Are you looking for some golf chipping tips that will take strokes off your score? Learn some chipping tips that will give you the ability to work anywhere from around the green.

Learning Golf Swing Physics

When you know the physics of a golf swing, it becomes a very important part of your overall game. By improving your swing by just ten percent, you will notice a big difference between a good game and a bad game.

Improve That Rusty Golf Swing

The style of the golf swing is that particular aspect of the game that differentiates one player from another. This is mainly due to the different type of body, arm length and strength and shoulder width that each player has.

Knock Off Golf Clubs – Why You Should Stay Away From These Golf Clubs

Golf can be quite an expensive game to play once you factor in all the costs associated with it such as golf clubs and other equipment. You may feel the need to purchasing knock off golf clubs in order to save money, but it’s probably best to stay away and spend a little extra on better quality clubs. Find out why in this article.

Hit Better Golf Shots – How to Improve Your Golf Game Overnight!

To hit better golf shots there are a few fundamentals that you need to master. The golf swing really has no secrets, the pros have simply mastered the same fundamentals that the average players tend to struggle with. With that said, their are a few keys that you can focus on in order to start playing better golf without having to do a lot of practicing. Here I am going to share with you three simple swing keys that you can use in order to improve your golf game fast.

How to Improve a Golf Slice – Cure Your Slice Today With These 2 Essential Tips!

Many golfers want to know how to improve a golf slice, but often times people are given the wrong information about slicing and how to fix that dreaded golf slice. First and foremost I want to say that when I first started playing golf about 8 years ago I could not break 100, and had the worst slice that you have ever seen. I am now a 2 handicap, and can hit a power fade or hit a slight draw on command. By following these 2 essential tips then you can learn to do the same!

7 O’Clock to 1 O’Clock Golf Swing Drill

Managing a slice is something that almost every golfer has had to do. In some cases, your golf slice can persist for a long time, but there are a couple of great golf tips that can help you to overcome it. The reasons for carrying a persistent slice vary according to the number and type of golfers out there on the course. The most probable reason for your slice, however, is that you are swinging from the outside and therefore cutting across the ball.

How to Shoot Lower Golf Scores – Follow These 3 Tips to Drop 5 Strokes in 5 Days!

Many golfers want to learn how to shoot lower golf scores, but the problem is that so much information is out there that golfers of all skill levels tend to suffer from information overload. This is a problem for a variety of reasons, mainly because it keeps you from simplifying the golf swing and playing your best golf. Here I am going to give you three simple tips that you can take to the practice range or the first tee to immediately improve your golf scores.

Why Does the Golf Ball Slice?

The problem when the ordinary golfer slices or hooks the golf ball is that it was not what they meant to do. A lot of good golfers intentionally play a slice or hook but, when they do it is with a pretty good idea where the ball will go. That’s the difference – knowing where a slice or hook will go.

Senior Golfers – Simplify Your Swing and Keep Swinging For Years to Come

One of the major reasons that people eventually give up a sport, hobby or pastime they love is pain. Senior Golf is no exception. But now that you have the time and money to play, you DO NOT want anything — especially pain — to stop you. Simplify your golf swing to continue to swing for years — Pain Free.

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