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Golf Tips For the Senior Golfer

All golfers need a little help, with their game, from time to time. One big problem is that most golf tip guides are geared toward the younger golfer.

The Model Golf Swing With the ‘Iron Byron’ Robot

The world’s perfect model golf swing belongs to Iron Byron the mechanical robot. ‘Iron Byron’ was a robot modeled on the golf swing of Byron Nelson a golf sensation of the 1920’s and the machine still exists today to demonstrate the model golf swing. While we can’t become robots we can still learn from the Iron Byron some swing basics that are absolutely essential to have a consistent model golf swing.

Memorial Lessons From Tiger

What a stunning performance from Tiger Woods at the Memorial event in Ohio on Sunday. Four strokes off the lead at the start of the final day, Tiger blazed his way to the top of the leader board and then held off challenges from both Jim Furyk and Jonathon Byrd to win his fourth Memorial title.

Free Golf Swing Software – Apply the Software to Develop Your Golf Swing

If you’re beginner in golfing are and want to advance your play, one of the best selections that you may want to do is getting free golf swing software. On the contrary, if you never be curious and benefit the free golf swing software, this will be a curse for you. Although a golf swing is very natural, this is yet mechanical thing. There are variations that everyone puts on your golf swing.

Golf Swing Analysis Software – Brief Information You Need to Know

If you often get annoyed with the common troubles during your golf play, this is your time to attain golf swing analysis software. Utilizing golf swing analysis software is not easy and it can take a lot of time to learn how to use it properly. Learning ho to do best on purpose and then keep away from doing by accident when you don’t want the ball to slice or hook is the best trick that you can practice.

Golf Swing Software – Assist You to Improve Your Swing

Today, there are many golf teachers that already use golf swing software in their job. You may also want to make use of this software to assist you analyze your swing. With the golf swing software, teachers now will be able to point out the problems of his or her student’s swing more effectively.

All You Need to Know About Getting the Best Golf Swing Trainer

If you’re keen on advancing your way of golfing at the top golf swing, one of the best choices that you may want to is employing the best golf swing trainer. Actually, getting the trainer is not as easy as you think. There are actually a few things that you should think about to get the right person. Who ever the person that will be your trainer, you should be certain that you’ll be able to work with her or him.

Golf on a Bet – “The Nassau” – Not Just an Island in the Bahamas

One of the important but often overlooked aspects of golf is the terminology used in playing the game. Par, Ace, Bogie, Double Bogie, Eagle, Sandie, Greenie, Nassau, etc. are all golf terms to be acquired when learning to play and will be addressed in a future post.

Golf Swing Nostalgia

Most of us out there who have had any type of memorable sporting encounter (good or bad) will remember it with a certain clarity and can usually recall the memory readily, due to the importance we place upon this type of event. Come back with me and briefly relive one of my abiding golfing memories and understand why this distant event is a template to be referred to when things hit the skids!

Improving Your Game With Aim & Alignment – Article Series 2 of 13 – The Aim in Mind

If you are trying to get your ball somewhere down the middle of the fairway then you are doing the one thing that the human mind hates, you are being imprecise. We function best with precision and the more precise you are with a task the more focussed your mind will become. Focusing the mind onto a precise aim and target is literally aiming the mind to give you exactly what you want. Do you want to know how to enter the Zone on each shot? Well one imperative is to become completely absorbed with an exact target.

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