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How to Increase Golf Swing Speed With These 3 Tips!

Are you having a hard time generating enough club head speed, and you know that if you could just swing faster that you would hit the ball further and shoot lower scores? If this is the case, then you need to learn how to increase golf swing speed, and these simple tips should help you do just that.

Custom Club Fitting

Custom Club Fitting is affordable and well worth looking at if you are a mid to high handicapper. This article will begin to unravel the truths behind custom fitting and the benefits of clubs that actually improve your game and make it more enjoyable.

Improve Your Putting

Golf beginners have a tendency to neglect their putting and instead concentrate on improving their longer shots. Putting is a very important part of the game and should not be neglected.

When Your Golf Shots Stray – Basic Physics Tells You Why

We all try to hit the ball straight, but that’s probably golf’s most difficult skill. Try as we might, the ball careens away from our intended line too often. A few principles of basic physics tell us why the ball goes off line and give us clues how to fix it.

How to Improve Golf Swings

Improving golf swings is one of the vital basics of golf which when neglected can lead to underperformance by a golfer. Having your swings improved should be one of the golfer principle goals. Without it, the golfer should not think of making any remarkable progress which other world acclaimed golfers have attained.

Swing Sequence – Knowing the Proper Sequence in Golf Swing

In golf knowing the swing is important, but knowing just the parts to move isn’t enough. The sequence to move them, when and the speed are most important.

Proper Golf Grip – Your Control and Power Source

For you to achieve those scintillating swings you see your friends deliver across the golf course, ensure you maintain a proper golf grip that won’t disturb your swings. When you grip the club in the right way, you get the club well connected to the club. The outcome and feel of the swing will definitely come from the grip of your hands on the club.

Regripping Your Golf Club

Regripping means to restore or reinvigorate the golf club’s grip to have the incredible rugged and firm grip it had before it lost its grip. The idea about having a new grip is to simply elevate the high quality performance it had before and allow for a better golf game with the same golf club.

Swing Groover – Home Based Golf Trainer

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get to the golf for training; that’s why the need of a swing groover comes to the fore. The gadget is designed to show you all the charms of the game and the styles applicable. You must not accuse yourself for not getting on the golf course for practice just because you had an important visitor or a worth business deal stood up in your way.

Golf Tips on Driving the Golf Ball

Hitting the golf ball off of a stationary tee is one of the most difficult skills to learn. That is why using a higher lofted club like a 2 or 3 wood is much easier to hit than a driver or 1 wood.

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