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Online Golf Instruction – How Happy Are You With Golf Swings You Make?

Just like any sportsman, golfers are always on the move trying at anything to improve the game as well as the swing i.e. learning about tricks of online golf instruction. It is every golfers hope that those strokes that stands in their way are gotten rid off; it wont matter how hard you are trying to get over the a hundred mark.

How to Cure a Slice

A golf slice can be a serious set back during you golf tournaments but learning how to cure it could make you be categorized among the world’s best golfers. Learning how to cure a slice has been of great help to many prominent golfers. Why should you get disappointed if you could just get some few tips to solve your golf slice problems? It is inappropriate to have your swing result into a slice neither is it appropriate if the club you choose will make you slice the golf ball. So how do you cure a slice?

Gravity Golf

Gravity golf is a definition given by David Lee who is a leading golf instructor and swing technologist referring to a style of golfing that is used by many major golf players in the world. Before he came up with the term he observed that golf had at least five ways of doing a swing and so he singled out players and the type or rather different method of executing a golf swing. According to him he came up with at least five theories of practically carrying out a golf swing successfully.

Improve Your Golf Swing – Buckling Will Not Make Your Golf Swing Improve

Going to the driving range early in the morning ahead of your golf buddies to practice and to improve golf swing? Every golfer wants to be able to improve his game on the range. It seems like everyone just wants to be like Tiger Woods these days. If you are just new to the game of golf or have been playing for a long time, it is still always a good idea to go back to the basics in order to improve your swinging.

Learn More About One Plane Golf Swing

If you are a professional, or have grown to teach golf over the years then you will agree with me that playing or even teaching one plane golf swing is one of the most difficult tasks in this field. One of the challenging tasks about this is helping golf players clear what they already know about golf swing, and probably start something new.

Golf Swing Slice – Steps to Follow in Curing Slice in a Swing

There is nothing that a professional golfer hates more than a golf swing slice when he is training or playing in a high tempo competition e.g. the PGA tours. Every golfer will come across a slice more than once in his/her playing career.

Good Golf Swing – Weaknesses and Improvement Tips

For most golfers golf is a sport played for keeps and not just for fun. As a result therefore, the techniques of the game including a Good golf swing, and all the skills are considered a must-learn to these elite players.

Subliminal Mind Control in Golf – Mental Training to Get You on Top of Your Game

Subliminal mind control has been a popular technique these days in many aspects of life. Making use of the power of the mind, particularly the subconscious, has been a great way to help us achieve the life we want – and even in helping us get to the top of our game.

Tips on Buying Golf Clubs For Beginners – It’s All About Size, Flex, and Forgiveness

When we look at golf club design since 1990, we see the movement to a larger clubface. This has resulted in clubs that are significantly easier to hit, meaning more good golf shots, even for beginners.

Why Go For the Famous Taylor Made Putters?

If you love golf, you like how it releases all your stress in one simple blow that can lead to victory. Golf is a sport famed for its distinctive quality. Because of this, many companies tried to produce a wide range of products that will cater to each golfer’s needs but it was only the Taylor Company that perfected its job.

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