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Treat Golfer’s Elbow Now

An injury can do more than just balloon your golf handicap. It can permanently derail your game. Golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis) is among the most common-and annoying-injuries in the game. It not only causes pain in your elbow, but also produces a shooting sensation down your forearm when gripping objects.

Are Adjustable Clubs in Your Future?

Equipment innovations come and go. Some quickly gain popularity, and then fade when they don’t shave strokes off a player’s golf handicap. Others start out slowly, and then pick up speed when they prove they can help players cut their golf handicaps.

Five Ways to Zero in on Targets

Here’s a golf tip I learned a long time ago: Approach every shot in golf as a target shot involving distance and direction. If you’re going to cut strokes from your scores and trim your golf handicap down to size, you must learn to hit your targets.

Five Checkpoints to Find the Perfect Slot Position

How critical is finding the perfect slot position at the top of your swing? Damn critical. Finding the perfect top-of-the-backswing position boosts consistency and increases power. While many talk about achieving this position, few can tell you what it is or how it affects your swing.

How to Tee the Ball – The Driver

Today’s oversized drivers offer a great chance to make a serious dent in your golf handicap. They provide advantages that normal sized drivers don’t-advantages that mean longer drives, more fairways hit, and better scores. Better scores, in turn, mean a lower golf handicap.

Achieving Consistent Iron Play

Someone once said that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. While that might be true in life; it’s not true in golf. In golf, consistency is the name of the game-the holy grail of anyone who’s serious about improving his or her game. Consistency also is the reason why some golfers have low golf handicaps and others don’t.

Driving For Show With Tips From the Pros

Sometimes you have to play when the weather is bad. Unfortunately, the USGA makes Studying the pros is a great way to improve. PGA pros must bring their “A” games to the course every day to compete on the tour. To do that they spend hours and hours honing their mechanics and analyzing their swings, as well as taking golf lessons from swing gurus. It makes sense to study what they do.

Ironing Out Long Game Problems

Want to know the key to consistency? Correct your own swing flaws as soon as possible. It’s the best way of becoming a really competitive golfer and of achieving and maintaining a low golf handicap.

Golf Grip Tips

This article is about golf grip tips. You will come to know about the various gripping tips to play the game of golf efficiently.

Looking For Golf Pitching Tips? Try These Secrets the Pros Use to Pitch it Close Every Time!

Valuable golf pitching information to help golfers of all levels improve an important part of the game. Simple strategies to eliminate common problems to take your pitching to a new level.

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