Charlie Beljan talks why his first PGA Tour win was so different

Basics of a Proper Golf Grip

A good golf swing begins with a proper golf grip and as result you will never play up to your potential without it. Making a change to your grip maybe one of the hardest adjustments to make, but it is the most important. To begin with open your left hand and lay the club diagonally across your palm.

Medicus Dual Hinge Drivers – Three Myths That Block You From Improving Your Golf Swing

Several myths prevent most people from fixing their golf swing. The Medicus driver will shatter those myths and help you start hitting longer and straighter shots the first day you try it.

Medicus Golf Trainer – Why Are the Medicus Drivers the Best Golf Trainers?

The Medicus Golf Training system is the easiest and most effective training system available. This article explores what makes the Medicus so effective and what its biggest advantages are.

Golfing From the Rough of the Golf Course

It can be said that little frustrates and even terrifies many avid golfers is to be placed in the “rough” and shoot out easily and ultimately successful from this area or areas “the rough”. What should the proficient golfer do when they get in the “rough” or sometimes even more importantly not do?

Master Golf in Your Spare Time

Learning to master your golf game isn’t difficult when you know the basics. Learning golf is not a sprint, patience is needed. You can learn to be a better golfer.

Which Golf Method is For You?

As golfers we know there are a gazillion different golf tips, methods and modes of instruction, but which one is right for you? Do you have a pro you ONLY work with to improve your golf swing? Or, are you still on the hunt for one that works for you?

Scoring Your Golf Game

Many golfers which I have played with or talked to about their game, always reference they shoot 80’s, 90’s or 100. Rarely, does someone say they are a six, or eleven. For those of you who are asking what is a six or eleven, it is a number that represents your USGA handicap.

Develop a Great Golf Swing With This Simple Set Up Sequence

The basis of a great golf swing is good posture. Without a well balanced body, a strong core sufficient mobility and flexibility through the spine the golf swing will be mediocre at best and cause pain at worst. If your pre or post game ritual is taking pain killers you need to consider why. If you do not have a medically diagnosed condition your posture could well be the root of your problems.

Golf Chipping Tips

Just like driving chipping also requires a lot of attention. But only a few golfers understand this thing and really take their chipping seriously. The article is intended to provide some of the golf chipping tips that can be useful for any golfer.

Free Golf Tips – Take a Lesson If You Are Just Starting Out in Golf

One of the best things you can do to improve your golf swing is to get started in the right direction. It is very easy to develop bad habits in regards to your golf swing so if you are thinking about taking up the game of golf, take a tip from me.

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