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Try Feldenkrais For Golf Injuries

Golf is great fun. It gets us outdoors and moving. The nature of the golf swing can sometimes create problems for golfers. In fact, half of all golfers have experienced an injury while golfing.

Golf Tips – Getting Your Pitch Shot Right

Pitch shots are feared by amateurs, while professionals do their utmost to avoid them. But why is this the case, and what can you do to avoid this?

Your Self Image of Yourself As a Golfer is the Best You Can Achieve – Change it Now to Achieve More!

What’s your self image of yourself as a golfer? Do you want to play to a certain handicap but just can’t get there? Deep down inside you feel that you will always be pretty much the golfer you are now and that you will never really get much better, even though you would like to.

Golf Slice Correction – How to Correct Your Golf Slice Dramatically

A slice is when the ball curves to the right after your swing. Most of the time, the shot will at first look great. You feel that you connected well with the ball and probably executed a good swing. Initially, this is confirmed by the true flight path that the ball takes. Unfortunately, the slice has a habit of rearing its ugly head only after your ball has already flown for a few seconds, with that dreaded meandering to the right.

Golf Swing – Read This to Help You Master the Chip Shot!

This article will tell you everything you will need to know to help you perfect your chip shots. Follow this technique then put it into practice and you will see great results in no time.

Golf Training Programs

Many golfers look for golf training programs in the internet or from the ever growing golf fitness market. Golf training programs under the tutelage of a golf instructor or a professional golf player can be very beneficial. Discussing golf improvement tips with fellow golfers can also be a great help. However, many feel there is something especially helpful about using instructional videos as learning aids.

Secret to Increase Driving Distance

Golf is about many things such as your putting game, your judgement of the landscape and weather conditions and much more. Increasing your driving distance is one way to reduce the number of strokes you need to win, whether you’re playing for the long game over all 18 holes or even for a single hole e.g. in skins play. With these tips you will hopefully be able to shoot many more birdies.

Playing Out of Fairway Rough

When you miss the fairway, odds are you’ll have to hit the ball from deep grass. If you know how to play this shot, and it’s not that hard to do, par can still be the number to shoot for.

Maintaining Your Swing Tempo

Everybody believes that having a steady, even swing tempo is good. But then, everybody believes in doing the right thing even when no one is looking. The second one is a moral choice that I’ll leave you to wrestle with on your own, but the first one is a matter easily addressed.

How Does Hypnosis Or NLP Work? Can Hypnotic Training and NLP Improve My Game? You Bet!

Now imagine that you had tried many times to give up those fatty calorie packed foods by using sheer will power alone, employing your conscious mind to fight the urge. “No, I am going to resist!” And yet, sooner or later, resistance crumbles and in goes the double choc chip muffin!

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