Carlos Ortiz talks living in the Olympic Village and what he’s learned from his Major preparation

The Inception of Golf and Its Fundamentals

If you are very much interested about golf, then you can surely take a look at the write up below. This explains where golf first came to existence and how one should try this sport.

Golfing Equipment-Turn That Bogey Into A Birdie!

3-time British Open Champion Nick Faldo recommends placing a towel under your armpits for better arm and shoulder control during the swing, Phil Mickelson, who has won 5 major tournaments and is known as a magician around the greens teaches different unconventional ways to putt. Golf guru Harvey Penick educates his students to take dead aim at the flag and the golfer with the most majors Jack Nicklaus suggests if a player has not played for quite some time, he or she should hit the links first to know which aspect of the game should be improved then fix it…

Golfing Equipment 101: On Putters

It has happened even to the best golfers in the world. Bernhard Langer, who has 2 green jackets under his belt, experienced it, 2 times major winner Mark O’Meara suffered many years from it and Tom Watson, winner of 8 major tournaments battled with it almost his entire career.

Play Consistently – Use Golf Training Aids

Golf is a mental game, a sport where its best competitor happens to be oneself. There is this golf saying “if you play a bad hole, forget about it!”

How Can We Make Teaching the Game of Golf to Youngsters Easier

When teaching golf to any youngster we must take into account a few things that we don’t normally have to consider for older players just taking up the game. There are many considerations such as lack of strength, overall coordination and the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. The best approach usually is to make the game as much fun as possible, and this will make the young golfer want to come back to experience the game more.

How Your Chipping Stroke Can Improve Your Entire Golf Game

Whenever I practiced my golf game the first place I go is to the practice green, and there I worked on my chipping game. Every time we go out to practice we should begin with the basics, and the basics of the golf stroke should always be built from a solid foundation. The most fundamental part of the golf swing can be found when we are chipping the ball.

Caribbean Golf Cruises Leaving From the Port of Miami

Due to the wonderful weather in Florida plus it’s close proximity to the open waters of the Atlantic in the Caribbean, a natural combination for the vacationer who also happens to be golfers are the large number of Caribbean cruises that are built around golf. Some of the best golf courses anywhere are on the sunny islands in the Caribbean, and an excellent way to get there is booking through the numerous golf excursion companies in the area. A golfer can play up to five different courses during a cruise and never have to unpack during the trip.

Adding More Power to Your Golf Drives

There are probably few golfers among us that wouldn’t love to get another 20 yards on our drives. And then if we got those 20 yards we would look for another ten. The exception is my wife, who is content with hitting every drive 150 yards in the middle of the fairway, even if she hasn’t played in six months. I tell her it must be boring doing that all the time, but the fact is we would all like to be hitting our next shot off of the fairway on every hole.

Master The Up And Down To Save Strokes

To speed up the transfer of golf skills in our golf instruction sessions, we combine repetitive practice and pressure practice. Below we describe how we’d combine them in golf lessons to fine-tune your bunker game.

Your Ultimate Summer Splurge: A Golf Cart

Summer is officially in full “swing,” but you’re still renting those rickety golf carts from your favorite club. The height of summer is the perfect time to splurge on a new (or new to you) golf cart, but perhaps “splurge” isn’t quite the right word-you can easily find a high quality cart to match your needs and budget.

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