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Golf Cart Parts – Choosing and Buying Wisely

Golf is considered as one of the many sports played by rich people. It is a sport played in a very wide place where the golf ball is hit by the player with a golf club to shoot it in a hole on the ground. The equipments needed for this game is quite expensive.

How to Get Your Golf Swing in Sync

I’ve been swinging pretty well this year. Unfortunately, my back is keeping me from practicing very much. But when I can, I do these two drills to warm up and get my swing in sync…

Developing Your Pre-Shot Routine

Professional golfers all have their individualized golf routines: they perform exactly the same rituals every time they are on the golf course prior to their game. The main reason for developing pre-shot routine is to create the innate golf spontaneity that is essential for golf success. Develop your own pre-shot routine to help you relax through meditation in golf.

Working Through an Injury

The pain you underwent when you suffer an injury is permanently recorded in your brain. You need to acknowledge that fact even though you are fully recovered. Your brain is conditioned to anticipate and expect the pain.

Golf Tips – How to Increase Your Drive Power

Everyone wants to hit the ball farther. The one club that gets the most attention from golfers is the driver.

How to Choose a Golf Fitness Trainer

More and more golfers are starting to see the need for a golf fitness instructor. When you look at professionals like Tiger or Phil, it’s easy to see why you want to work on your fitness.

One Of The Best Way to Strengthen Your Golf Swing Launch

Should you discover that you’ve got a bad golf swing launch then you happen to be a bunch a lot more apt to have a bad game and possibly even injure yourself. Sometimes these injuries might be so serious that they actually prevent you from ever returning to the game of golf. Not to mention, a lot of of the injuries that occur from having a poor launch could be rather painful.

From Whom Should One Accept Golf Swing Tips?

Golf swing tips are easy enough to come by… almost anyone around the course will probably be willing to offer a few words of critique whether their opinion is requested or not! However, is there really much to be gained by listening to the thoughts of people who (as likely as not) have almost no idea what they are talking about? World Golf Hall of Famer Tommy “Thunder” Bolt once voiced the opinion that “The mind messes up more shots than the body.”

Ladies Golf Sets – Terrific Retirement Gifts

Ladies golf sets make terrific retirement gifts. Despite the fact that your lady friend may not be a golfer, it is still a worthy gift to consider. Many people don’t golf simply because they have never tried it. The sport of golf provides not only a way to get some exercise but a way to build lasting friendships.

Playa Paraiso Golf Club – PB Dye’s Wonder in Riveria, Mexico

It’s like a mountain bike course which has been recast in the green. But what can a golfer do with them? It’s the same question which few hackers would ask themselves when they will face the down eighth hole on the PB Dye’s latest Playa Paraiso Golf Club.

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