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Consider Golf Tournament Awards

If you know someone that is looking for a hobby and you are not sure what they can get into then you may want to consider golf. The reason golf is brought up is because it is the one sport that you can do by yourself with another person and with a group. You are able to achieve your own skill and you learn patience.

How to Hit Longer, Straighter Golf Drives

The development of a new golf swing grip method that gives longer, straighter drives and irons is described. Increased distance and accuracy are achieved by unifying the hands during the golf swing.

Golf Tips – The Simplest Suite of Advice For the Golf Enthusiast

The most crucial factor in hitting the golf ball cleanly and consistently is the ability to get “under” the ball with the front side of the swing. This means contacting the minimum of the swing arc with the target spot on the ball.

Your Path to Better Golf Does Not Need to Be a Dead End

The golf swing can be like a relationship. Every time you think you’ve got it all figured out, everything changes. When your swing is ‘right there’, it seems something always comes between you and a good round – it’s usually either your thinking, your swing or both.

Impact is Where it Counts in the Golf Swing

Most golfers start out with the notion that there is only one right way to make the perfect golf swing. Then they’re bombarded with information from hundreds of “experts” with about as many ways to swing the golf club. Ah, the “information age”, isn’t it wonderful?

Discover How to Improve The Golf Swing and Improve Your Golf Game

After playing golf for leisure for a long time without minding the essential techniques, you have suddenly felt the need to be serious about the matter. At first, you were only attracted to play this sport to meet people that can be your potential business partners or clients in the industry where you belong.

Golf Carts – Not Just For Golfers Anymore

What was once made to relieve golfers from having to walk and carry their clubs up and down the hills of the golf course has outgrown just the greens. Nowadays golf carts are used by people of all genders and ages for a variety of purposes.

How to Improve Golf Fitness

Physical fitness for golfers is required for optimal performance on the golf course. This doesn’t mean that we have to give up the tradition of the nineteenth hole, it just means that a healthier lifestyle includes some additional forms of physical fitness.

Development of Competitive Junior Golfers

Developing the talent of a junior golfer can be an expensive proposition, and there are typically few decent programs that are offered to these types of players. However, some golf instructors now offer more cutting edge programs that are far less expensive than utilizing the typical golf lesson format.

Golf Slice – 5 Tips to Eliminate Your Golf Slice

Do you suffer from the most destructive shot in golf, the dreaded slice? Correcting golf slice can be achieved by eliminating errors during set up. Use these 5 free golf tips to cure your slice.

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