Camilo Villegas on how much it costs to clean Tiger’s jet, mentoring Tom Kim at the Presidents Cup

Hitting Long Irons – 3 Tops Tips For Hitting Long Irons to the Green With Ease For That Cheeky Eagle

It is an amazing feeling when you land that second shot on the difficult par 5 right smack bang in the middle of the green. But, for most golfers it does not happen often enough. Hitting those sizzling second shots can be tough even for experienced golfers and there is a very good reason.

Bunker Shots – The Number 1 Secret to Confidently Beating the Bunker Easily Every Time

It’s a horrible feeling. You’ve having the round of your life. Your drives are sailing sweet as pie down the center of the fairway, your putts are magnetically drawn to the hole and then the sand ruins it all. Is there anything more frustrating then seeing your ball half buried in the dreaded sand?

Fixng a Golf Slice – A Golf Tip and a Duffer’s Confession

Almost every golfer has had to deal with a slice at some point in time. Some of the best golf horror stories originate from the slice and where it came down unintentionally. However, the slice is easy to fix. You have to understand the mechanics of why it happens but when you do, you’ll be hitting them straight.

Golf Bags – What You Need to Know

Golf bags are essential pieces of equipment. You absolutely have to have a golf bag to store your golf clubs and keep them organized while you travel around the golf course. There are two main types of golf bags and those are carry bags and cart bags.

How the Casual Golfer Enjoys a Day on the Links

One of the drawbacks of not playing golf on a regular basis is that you never really improve. And yet many of us casual golfers still enjoy those few opportunities where we get to play a round or two. I used to let the frustration of not playing well turn a potentially enjoyable afternoon (after all, it beats being at work, right?) into a club throwing, profanity filled nightmare.

Golf Fitness – Hit Longer Drives With Improved Fitness For Duffers

Imagine yourself standing on the tee of every par four on the course knowing that you have the distance to get inside of 150 yards with your tee shot. Discover just how easy it is to make that dream a reality. Yes you too can have longer, straighter tee shots and it won’t cost $300 USD like that new driver. You can become a lean, mean driving machine before you know it with the secrets revealed here.

Ernie Els Golf Swing – Steal His Techniques and Knock 5-10 Shots Off Your Very Next Round!

Ernie Els golf swing is one of the best on tour. Here we look at the ways to copy it and in turn improved your own game.

Putting For Beginners

Remember that old golf saying? “Drive for show, putt for dough.” This has not been more obvious then watching the latest tournament where Tiger did well off the tee but his putting really went south. Even the best can and will have off days.

Ladies Golf

More ladies are taking up golf than ever. Find out why and how you can get involved.

Golf Equipment – Do You Need a Golf GPS Range Finder For Duffers?

Golf remains extremely popular as a comfortable pastime with the beautiful outdoor views, fresh air and the company of good friends. To an outside observer I understand it may not seem as pleasant as it does for those of us who are regular participants. Golf is far better as a player than it is as an observer.

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