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How to Chip Close to the Hole Like a Champion

Chip shot is a shot that is around 40 to 20 yards long and is hit near the green. Your goal here should be to get the ball withing 3 feet of the hole consistently. This allows you to 1 putt easily and save strokes.

How Golf Swing Aids Will Help Your Game

Are you in a sort of a slump? Your golf game not improving?

Deliver Better in a Game of Golf

A golf improvement plan encompasses several aspects that include effective co-ordination of mind and body to perform better during the game. A huge part of golf is being able to think in your mind about your next move. A lot of planning of the game occurs in the mind.

Sources For Choosing Your Golf Clubs

When purchasing new golf clubs most of us know it is not an easy project, but doing it correctly will pay great dividends in the end. Research is the key to open up a multitude of avenues including giving some golf clubs a tryout which is essential in making the correct choices.

Good Techniques on How to Improve Golf

Golf is definitively not as easy as it looks. With some attention to the body mechanics of your swing, however, you will improve your game.

How to Improve at Golf With Little Practice Time

The link between golf and business is well known…there is also a strong link between successful people and golf. As such, it is clear to me that golf is played mostly by busy people. The average golfer would have somewhere between 3-4 hours maximum per week they could allocate to playing better golf.

Get Your Golf Clubs Custom Made and Cut Your Handicap Drastically

You almost certainly have a unique body shape and strength to anyone else. That is why custom golf club fitting could be of use for you.

Simple Workouts For Playing Golf

Golf training workout routines may sound grueling and time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be. They can be as simple and as short as walking a flight of stairs. Most golfers do not have enough free time to go to a gym and commit hours upon hours of golf fitness workouts.

The Correct Golf Grip For Amateur Golfers That is Very Different to the Grip Used by Tour Pros

Much has been written about the correct golf grip in golf instruction books over the past one hundred years or so. Virtually every golf instruction book has a chapter on how to learn the correct golf grip, and yet there are so many golfers who have grips that are a long way from being correct. In this article I’m going to shed light on what to do to develop a correct golf grip that will drastically improve your golf shot-making consistency, leading to more golf confidence when you play and practice.

How to Learn to Play Golf on Auto-Pilot, As Easy As Driving a Car Without Thinking! Find Golf Magic

The state of unconscious competence and peak performance happens when we are in the “Flow State” or “In The Zone”. Isn’t it ironic that golfers will drive their cars on auto pilot (unconsciously) to the golf course, which is potentially dangerous and yet when it comes time to hit a little white ball, in some cases just a few feet on a green, the golfer feels they must try to remain in conscious control? Are the consequences of a poor golf shot worse than having an accident in a car?

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