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The Benefits of Golf Online Lessons and How They Can Help Improve on Your Game

One major factor that most golf players, pros and beginners alike, are always striving to achieve everyday is improving more on their game performances. With the availability of free golf online lessons everyone is entitled to learning some of the most interesting tips and ideas that can greatly contribute in enhancing one’s current golf game. Remember that the simplest advice given is simply the best!

Building a Putting Green in Your Backyard!

There are many things about human behavior that fascinates me. Most of us like to think about ourselves and our circumstance in life as distinctive and set apart from other people, but we go out of our way to want exactly the same things as other people possess.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

We all know perfect practice makes perfect. This saying is never more true than when applied to golf. But, to achieve “perfection” with the golf swing, we need a little help and these simple training aids will help you along your way to a perfect golf swing.

Origins of the Modern Day Golf Swing Technique

Golfers all over the world study and work on their golf swing technique in an effort to improve their golf swing. To many golfers, this is like the search for the Holy Grail. I have spent many years studying Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and others. These golfers and their golf swings have stood the test of time.

Where Can I Buy Really Useful Golf Accessories?

There are so many different golf accessories available these days that it’s very difficult to know what to buy next! It’s all very well having the latest headgear, super ‘all weather’ gloves, the fleece-lined jacket to protect against the arctic blasts or the trendiest sunglasses all the pro’s use, but will they make you play any better?

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Plane – 3 Tips

Most golfers have inconsistent golf swing planes. I was one of the worst, my swing plane was too upright on my drives and longer clubs, and too flat on my short irons. After some research and practice, I found a few tips to help other golfers feel how their swing planes should feel. These tips have helped me improve my golf swing plane, my swing speed, and my overall golf game.

How to Avoid a Two Stroke Penalty on Your Next Round of Golf

If you play your golf game by the USGA rule book, then you have most likely taken precautions to uniquely mark your golf balls. If you haven’t, then you are setting yourself up to incur a penalty that could result in the loss of the round.

Getting the Most Out of Your Golf GPS Rangefinder

GPS rangefinders are wonderful things. They give you the distances you need to make smart decisions.

The Best Golf Vacations

The golf vacations are the ones that are the most planned out. While the sound of any golf course can get the avid golfer’s heart racing, the truth is that you may be in for a huge disappointment if you take on more or less than you wanted.

The Perfect Golf Gift Ideas

When looking for the right golf gift ideas you will not have to think too hard. In the world of golf there are too many possible gift ideas to count. It does not matter if your golfer is new to the green or an old pro, you can get the right gift idea for all of them.

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