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Increase Your Golf Swing Speed – 5 Yoga Moves That Can Give You More Flexibility and Distance

The secret to increasing your golf shot distance is to increase your golf swing speed. It’s not just as simple as swinging out of your shoes each time! You need to increase flexibility and strength so you can increase speed and distance every time. Here are 5 simple yoga moves you can do a few times a week to get you there…

Golf’s Scoring Shots

To be a well-rounded golfer, one could learn dozens of different shots. As Ben Hogan said, there isn’t enough time in the day to practice all the shots you need. But if you can hit the shots that create good scores, and there are only a few, that’s all you really need to know.

The TaylorMade Superquad R7 Driver – Tested Best?

Golfers, if you’re looking into a new driver, the TaylorMade Superquad R7 driver is top of the line. How does it compare to the others on the market? Here you will find your answers…

How to Stop Slicing Your Driver – 3 Easy Tips to Straighten Your Driver Shots Immediately

Sick of hitting the “big-ol-slice” whenever you try to hit a hard drive? Read this article to learn how to stop slicing your driver.

How to Break 100, 90, Or 80

Every golfer’s goal is to pass a benchmark score. Those three are the major ones, and when we do it for the first time, break out the champagne!

Cobra Golf Products

Cobra golf products include different products like clubs, drivers, putters, etc. In the golfing community Cobra is immensely popular compared to other golf brands. As you know, it does its delivery all over the world due to its capacity to combine innovation with superior quality.

The Proven Way to Learn the 5 Step Pro Tour Golf Confidence Mental Routine

Some people believe that PGA tour golfers are talented and born great golfers. I do not. When you watch golf telecasts you will often hear the commentators mention that “such and such a player is a talented player” or that they possess “raw talent” and so on.

Ladies Golf Bags

When playing any sport you want to ensure that you have the right equipment and the correct storage and carry bags. Golf is one sport that the equipment is very important not only will you want the perfect set of clubs but you will also want the best golf bag as well.

Discount Golf Balls Could Help You Improve Your Game

A lot of golfers or those that would want to start playing the sport react differently when they hear the word “used” or “discount golf balls” or “discounted equipment”. Their reaction would either be excitement over the bargain they could have or they would be disgusted since they would think that the quality of the product just because of the word “discount”. The quality of it might not be that good since they are cheap, it should not be the reason for not purchasing discounted golf equipment.

Benefits of Playing Golf on Physical Health

A good form of exercise and also entertainment is engaging into sports. When you try different kinds of physical sports, you tend to move your whole body and experience a lot of benefits to your physical health. Aside from that, you are able to enjoy yourself and use up your time with a fun and entertaining experience.

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