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1 Hour of Practice to Improve Your Short Game

For most club golfers, improving your short game does not require hours and hours of repetitive laborious practice. The simple drills detailed below will focus on not only improving your technique but also on developing your touch and feel.

Ladies Callaway Drivers

One thing I noticed while reviewing ladies drivers is that Callaway is at the top when it comes to ladies golf equipment. Callaway drivers are specifically designed for a ladies swing.

How to Generate More Club Head Speed

When swinging the golf club, to generate more club head speed means to get more distance. The trick is keeping the club head under control while you increase the swing speed. Many golfers find that even though they can hit the ball further by ‘swinging harder’, they’d rather use an easy swing to keep the control.

Some Simple Tips For Hitting a Golf Ball Straight & Long

To kick off I would suggest this, in other words try it and see how it works for you. The more you combine practice with visualizing your swing, the quicker you will reach your goal of hitting the golf ball long and straight. Another problem that plagues so many golfers is the distance factor.

How to Prevent a Golf Slice – Your Six Point Step by Step Guide to Stop That Slice

Want to know how to prevent a golf slice, it starts with this six step guide. The only thing you will need is patience and determination.

How to Set Up For Accuracy & Distance

As we all know to hit good golf shots you need a good golf swing. What’s interesting is this, the swing is not just about the swing itself, there are many components which will help set up the swing properly. One is balance and posture.

Golf Swing Instruction Tips – How to Implement a Powerful Good Golf Swing

When it comes to implementing a good golf swing it’s what you day everyday that matters. Consistency is one of the major keys to your success.

How to Create Lag & Improve Your Golf Swing For Accuracy & Distance

So how can you create lag in your swing and more importantly what is lag? We all know that everybody wants to hit a golf ball as far and as straight as possible.

How to Become a Natural Putter

I think it is fair to say that every great putter in this wonderful game of golf has one thing in common. They all have a deft touch. For a lot of golfers focusing too much on the technicalities of the putting stroke can have an adverse affect. They tend to lose their feel, and because of this they miss out on the natural ability. This focus on the technical side of putting can have a negative impact on your putting

Guidance For a Struggling Putter – Speed is Key

One of the biggest aspects of golf that players struggle with is the short game, more specifically, putting. Crushing a driver off the tee and hitting your irons accurately are approached as the more serious aspects of golf. Putting is the one aspect of golf that is deceivingly difficult.

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