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Choose Golf Bags to Enjoy the Game

Golf bags serve many functions during your round of golf. No matter whether you are using a golf stand bag or a golf cart bag the bag needs to make you comfortable while you are practicing or playing your round of golf. In addition, your golf bag can be a statement of style.

How to Lower Your Handicap – 3 Easy Tips to Shoot Lower Scores

Golf instruction is centered around the goal of how to lower your handicap, but my guess is that many golfers who are reading this article have not made significant improvements in their games over the past few months or even years. This is because of information overload! Too much information is available to help you play better golf, so you really do not know what to do. Well here I am going to give you three brief tips that helped me go from a 7 handicap to a 2 handicap in no time.

Correct Ball Position – Where You Should Position the Ball With Various Clubs

Correct ball position is a very important part of hitting a successful golf shot. While this is literally one of the easiest parts of of golf to master, most people do not give a second thought to ball position. Of course you cannot position the ball in the same spot for each club because each club has a different length, loft, and lie angle. This means that for each and every club in your bag the ball must be positioned at a different point to get the cleanest strike and most distance.

Golf Grip Technique – How to Grip a Golf Club

Many golf professionals have said that correct golf grip technique is the single most important factor when developing your game. Many of the top players practice their grip techniques off the course from time to time. It is extremely important that your grip on the golf club feels natural and comfortable for you, otherwise you will never be able to play your best golf.

Hit Better Bunker Shots – How to Improve Your Bunker Play in 3 Easy Steps

Bunker shots seem to be a struggle for the average player. The main reason for this is that the average bunker shot takes an almost polar opposite approach to success than a normal golf shot. For instance while playing a normal shot you want to hit the ball first, but to improve your bunker play you need to hit about 2 inches behind the ball on average.

How to Improve Your Putting Technique

Putting is the most frustrating part of golf for millions of amateur and professional golfers around the world. The frustrating thing about putting is that it would seem to be the easiest part of the game to improve. However, anyone who has tried to play golf with a less than reliable putting stroke knows that it can be a very difficult process. So how do you improve your putting technique?

India Golf

India golf is one of the oldest sports, introduced by the British. Golf in India is picking up slowly but surely. What with Indian women golfers picking up golf, golf in India is surely set to make waves.

Indian Golfers

The Future of Indian golf is incomplete without mentioning Indian golfers. When golf came to India, Indian were not allowed to play the game.

How to Putt Better – 3 Tips to Make More Putts Today!

Do you want to make more putts and lower your scores? Of course you do! The trick is how do you go about doing this without putting too many thoughts into your head? I mean putting is a very mental aspect of the game and excess mechanical thoughts can ruin your chance for success. So, here are three things that you can do to improve your putting without suffering from information overload.

Shoot Lower Scores With These 3 Easy Tips

What is the bottom line when it comes to golf? Of course the answer is your score! The wonderful thing about golf is that the scorecard does not have pictures! As a 2 handicap, I have had some rounds where I have shot par and not hit the ball well and other rounds where I hit it great and shot 78. It really does not matter how you hit the ball, what is more important is that you do what is necessary to shoot lower scores!

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