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The Different Parts of a Golf Swing

While the golf swing is one continuous motion, breaking it down in to its parts can be of great help in building a swing that is correct, powerful, and repeating. Keep in mind that while the parts can be isolated, each one blends into the next seamlessly.

Golf Tips For Beginners – 4 Golf Tips to Quickly Get You Up to Speed!

What should you do if you tend to swing too quickly? Do you know where your weight should be on your backswing? Answers to these questions and more are in this article.

Guide the Ball to Its Hole With Golf Tips on Driving

If skillful driving of the car when you are being chased by the police in real life or in games is thrilling and when you win its an awesome feeling, then skillfully driving the ball to the hole in golf also makes you feel great. Believe me; you can do wonders in golf if you get the driver proper.

The Importance of Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Perhaps the most important thing a player has to pay close attention to when he is playing a round of golf is his golf swing. As each person has a unique physical stature and style of play, a player’s golf swing is not completely similar to that of another.

Tips to Ensure Golf Safety

Golf is one of those sports that are considered safe to play. You simply have to follow some simple and common-sense reminders to make sure that your golf safety is never compromised. When it is, injuries are bound to happen.

Tips to Become a Professional Golf Player!

Find out about the game of Golf. It is important to know the right golf set position. Professionals often opine that feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes should be positioned parallel to the actual target line.

Golf Etiquettes and the Rules of the Game

Playing a game of golf requires you to understand the etiquettes of the game besides the rules. Players should adhere to a set of guidelines known as golf etiquettes.

Important Aspects of Golf

Is Golf just a game of club and ball? No, there’s more to the game than just being a club and a ball game. It may seem an easy game, trying to understand the rules of the game will soon let you know how complicated it is. To make the game simpler to you, read the article to find out what it involves?

Ideas For a Golf Swing Aid

Although every golfer, novice and seasoned players alike, would like to improve their game, some may not be able to afford hiring professional instructors to help them better their golf swing. If you are one of these people, then you can release your inner creativity and come up with a golf swing aid made out of materials just lying around the house.

Golf Made Easy to Improve by Mastering This Important Distance Fundamental

Possibly you have read the advice in golf instruction books about finishing your golf swing with your belt buckle facing the target? Good advice for sure, but rarely do you see it because it’s far more common to see amateur golfers with an in-completed three quarter finish.

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