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Buying Golf Shoes – 4 Tips You Need to Know

Different golfing conditions require different golf equipment. This is especially true for golf shoes. If you play in wet conditions you are going to need a shoe that repels water.

Used Golf Clubs – A Beginner’s Partner

There is no doubt that golf is a very endearing game. What with the combination of skills, patience, power and nature, it is very easy to see why it is very popular and very much loved. And for whatever reason, you must have probably been enticed to try it, too. So, how do you start off with playing this amazing game of golf?

Golf Clubs – How to Pick the Right Type For the Right Use

There is a reason as to why there are a lot of golf clubs included in an average set. Because if there isn’t, why do you think professional players still need to carry a heavy baggage of golf clubs with them all over the course, right? In a standard case of golf, you can never really know what would happen.

Golf Clubs – Three Basics Types You Ought to Know

Knowing the basic pieces of information about golf clubs will be a great help once you are already in the golf course. Even if you are only opting to start the hobby of playing golf occasionally, and not aiming to be an expert any time soon, you will still find this kind of knowledge beneficial.

Maintaining Golf Cart Safety

Most of the accidents where golf carts are involved come from the fault of golfers themselves. This happens when they take joy rides on it. Some golfers stand inside the cart instead of sitting in it.

Become a Professional Golf Player With Golf Tips Lessons on the Web

How do you become a golf player with no practical experience in hand? The answer is simple. Yes! With the World Wide Web you can even beat Tiger Woods. All that you have to do is to search for proper tips and lessons on golf from the umpteen numbers of websites on the web. Not just theoretical explanations or tips on how to get the swing right, but also video tutorials on how you can make an awesome drive is available in the internet!

Beginners Golf Tips – 3 Rules Inexperienced Golfers Should Definitely Know

Do you want to know some rules that will save you some embarrassment on the golf course? Three rules for beginning golfers are listed in this article.

Golf Tips For Beginners – Do You Know What Proper Golf Etiquette Is?

Do you know what is the first and foremost rule of golf? This article lists 4 tips of proper etiquette for beginning golfers.

Golf Swing Instruction – How Important is It?

If you have been playing golf for sometime now, and yet the closest you can get the ball to is a hundred meters away from the fairway, perhaps it is time to listen to some golf swing instructions. Following the right golf swing instructions can significantly eliminate your chances of hooking or slicing the ball, which, by the way, can greatly cost you your game.

Golf Swing Training – Teach Your Mind and Body to Work Together

Golf swing training involves more than just swinging a golf club. Rather, golf swing training is a sports science that recruits the help of particular muscles in your body to make the perfect swing, and even better, the perfect game.

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