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How to Stop a Slice – Be a Waiter

Fed up of missing the fairways? Does your slice leave you defeated? Would you like to fight back and be a winner? Find out how to stop a slice in your golf swing by being a waiter!

Your Trailing Side

Before this question is answered I would like you to envision a sport that you have participated in that involves hitting or throwing an object towards a target. Having said this, swinging a golf club is just as much of an athletic motion as any other athletic motion. The same fundamentals apply.

Beginner Tips on Buying Golf Clubs

If you have some experience with golf, you will agree that choosing the right club for a shot on a target is very important and the decision rests with the player to choose. Imagine a situation of preparing for an exam excellently and you go to exam without a pen that works right; then you have understood the situation without a right club although you have good skill.

Free Golf Tips – Learn the Reason to Stay Fit For Golf and Know Crucial Aspects For the Game

It is our body that makes us do what we want to do and it is very important to keep it fit especially if you want to play any sport. Golf is a beautiful game to play which needs a huge serene arena with a lot of green that is feast to your eyes.

How to Make Use of Free Online Golf Tips Effectively

I am sure you have information on availability of free tips for golf on internet but here are some thoughts on the effectiveness of knowing the tips alone. Golf is a physical activity and of course what goes on outside is basically with the help of brain because it controls our thoughts, memory, physical activity and almost everything we do.

Beginners Golf Tips – 4 Basic Steps Beginning Golfers Should Take When Starting Out

Beginners Golf Tips Step #1 – Reach a basic level of competency before you waste money on expensive clubs. You may get envious looks when you show up at the driving range with your $2000 set, but you may hear some laughter when they just see you hack away. Save yourself the embarrassment.

Mcllroy Equals Lowest Round Ever at British Open Golf

A nine-under-par 63 by Rory Mcllroy, including an eagle and seven birdies, was the highlight of the first day’s play at golf’s British Open Championship at St. Andrews. This was a record for the lowest ever round, here.

Golf Swing Basics – Do You Want to Correct Your Poor Tempo?

Do you know what causes poor tempo? How do you correct errant shots? Read this article for answers.

Women’s Golf Apparel – Wear the Right Clothes When Playing Golf

For a female golfer to feel comfortable and confident while on the golf course, you will need to wear women’s golf apparel. A wide variety of women’s golf apparel are available in stores, but there are a few basic ones that you really need to have while out there on the course.

Interesting Facts About Women’s Golf Associations

It is no secret that golf is a sport dominated by men. However, women’s golf does exist, and women players are just as competitive and skilled as men.

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