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A Properly Performed Downswing

One of the most common downswing faults is ‘Hitting from the top’. This describes a downswing which has a violent change of direction and is most common amongst higher handicappers although some better players are guilty also of not being able to demonstrate a properly performed downswing. Hitting from the top is probably the biggest cause for slicing.

Applying the Correct Grip

In every good golf swing the right and left sides of the body play an equal part – a balance that is best achieved when the hands work together as a single unit. Applying the correct grip will allow for more control of the club leading to longer and straighter shots. The problem that many right handed people have is that they are inclined to grip the club too much in the palm of the right hand almost as if grabbing hold of a hammer.

The History of Pinehurst Golf Resort

James Walker Tufts could never have imagined that his original philanthropic dream of building a resort where people with tuberculosis could come to recover, would end up being the first golf resort in America. Pinehurst began back in 1895 with the purchase of 6,000 acres of sandy, clear-cut land in Moore County, North Carolina.

Golf Tips 101 – Practicing in the Winter

This article is from a series of articles that detail golf tips for all you golfers. This one in particular talks about the winter time and how to stay fresh for those people that experience bad weather.

Golf Weather Is Fast Deteriorating Don’t Let Your Swing Do The Same

It never fails, you spend all summer honing your swing and fine tuning your game; only to see it all fade away over the long wet winters. There are ways to keep the rust from completely over taking your game. Here are a few tips that will keep you in golfing shape and your swing thoughts fresh in your mind.

Where to Purchase Miniature Golf Supplies?

Miniature golf is a fine and excellent way to spend time with family and friends. It is a great leisure and recreational activity to release some stress and at the same time enjoy some competition among players. Finding a miniature golf course within the vicinity however may throw a monkey wrench to a perfectly planned outing. This situation may spoil your event and the best thing to do is look for alternatives and get miniature golf supplies.

How to Cure Your Chipping Yips

If you play golf then I’m sure you have heard, and maybe you have experienced the putting yips. This is when you lose all feel and confidence on shorter putts and more often than not, results in you missing these short little ‘gimme’ putts. Well, a little less talked about than the putting yips, is the chipping yips.

Golf Gift: How To Hit A 6 Iron 320 Yards Into The Wind (How’s That For A Golf Gift)?

Square your feet, hold that club the way you would an injured baby bird. This is going to be the best 6 iron shot of your adult life.

Chipping Golf Tips

To have lower scores in golf, you have to be proficient around the green. We will be talking about golf chipping tips in this article. You must have complete confidence in your chip shots, for…

Putting and the Art of Reading Greens

There is no other aspect of golf like putting. It is a game within itself. Putting is comprised of two components, the actual putting mechanics and the ability to read greens. Even though reading greens can be considered a science involving laws of physics (friction, gravity, etc.) on the golf course it is more of an art. Since there are no instruments for taking measurements, it comes down to visualizing and acquiring a feel for the path the ball will take.

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