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Practicing Putting Distance Control

When practicing putting there are obviously two things that we really have to work on, distance and direction control. The more time we take to perfect our ability to know where to put the golf ball and how to get it there the more we will see our short game improve.

Golf Minneapolis – The Best Minneapolis Golf Courses and How to Get Discount Green Fees

Golf may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of Minneapolis, Minnesota. If that’s the case, most likely you have never played the game in the Twin Cities area.

Tips on Golf – 3 Mistakes Golfers Make That Can Easily Be Corrected

There are 3 very simple mistakes in golf that can be correctly easily. These mistakes can make a huge impact on your game. The answers are in this article.

Basic Golf Swing Fundamentals Every Golfer Needs to Know

The golf swing is a difficult athletic movement. There are thousands of ways to do it wrong, and only a few ways to do it right. Building a swing that lets you hit good shots time after time can happen if you keep these fundamental principles in mind.

Vilamoura Golf Property on the Algarve – An Introduction

A quick guide to Vilamoura on the Portuguese Algarve, one of Europe’s most established family resorts and the golfing facilities available to property owners here. Includes a list of all the golf courses on the Algarve.

The Benefits of Reading a Golf Course Review

Both private and public golf courses charge a fee for anyone who wants to avail of their golfing facilities. Whether you are paying a high country club membership charge or a minimum fee, you would want to play in a course that is in top condition. To find out which courses near you offer the best facilities, read a golf course review.

Play Better With a Golf Fitness Evaluation

One important tool to help you figure out where you stand in golf is to do a golf fitness evaluation. With this tool, you can find out what you need to improve on and how to do it. Golfers are now familiar with the fact that doing a golf fitness evaluation will help them improve the quality of their game.

Long Golf Drive Tips and Trades

Golf is a popular sport. Ever since the movie Happy Gilmore has come out we have been dreaming of making that classic long drive first tee shot. This can be a near impossible task, but we can dream, can’t we?

The Keys to Hitting a Successful Tee Shot in Golf

Most golfers think eighteen holes of golf is one game. Actually, every time you step onto the tee you’re playing a new game. You start over with a score of zero. Your first shot, the tee shot, determines in large how that game will come out. Here’s how to give yourself the greatest advantage.

Golf Workout Techniques – Warming Up

Before getting on the golf course, you will benefit from a short round of warm up exercises. You’ll be amazed at how your swing will improve by simply doing a couple of stretches before your game.

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