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2012 Golf Club Reviews Reveal Adjustable Equipment

Adjustable drivers highlight 2012 golf club reviews. Many companies realize that golfers want to be able to change the settings on their equipment.

The Importance of Golf Fitness for Better Golf

Golf Fitness is much more important than many think. Even with the new technology, it is very important to stay in shape if you want to play your best golf. However, golf fitness includes much more than just lifting weights and doing cardiovascular training. You need to focus on specific things that can help you more than, if you bulk up or gain incredible endurance.

Where to Find Reasonably Priced Golf Clubs

Finding reasonably priced golf clubs is not an easy task. If you know where to look, however, you can find affordable golf equipment that will help improve your game.

Five Free Golf Tips for Beginners

Starting a new game, like golf, is never easy. If you want to learn it fast, you might as well give up now because this attitude will only lead to frustration. It takes time to learn the game of golf and it is not like basketball or soccer. You cannot just pick up a ball, shoot it at a basket or kick it towards the goal. There is much more to golf than most sports.

What to Expect From Good Beginner Golf Instruction

Not all golf instructors work well with beginners. Even PGA professionals don’t all like taking on beginner golf lessons. This makes it a bit hard to know where to go when looking for beginner golf instruction. You need a teacher that works well with beginners and understand how to move you along the right lesson plan, so that you can get on the course sooner rather than later.

Why Most Golfers Don’t Adjust Their Ball Position Properly

When you play golf and you start hitting the ball fat, thin, or in another way that is not all that desirable, then you need to know how to adjust your ball position properly. Most golfers relate their ball position with their feet, but this is the wrong part of the body to use for your ball position. It will lead to more issues if you don’t position the ball properly.

Putting Golf Tips to Help You Sink More Putts

Many golfers forget about the most important part of the golf game, putting. If you want to cut strokes from your scores and make more birdies, it all starts with putting. The putter is the clubs you use the most, so why don’t more golfers search for putting golf tips instead of tips to help them hit the ball further? This is because the putter doesn’t give you the ability to show off like the driver does.

Golf Swing Tips: Improve Your Golf Swing Speed and Performance

Your instructor will bombard you with various golf swing tips, even tips on how to improve your golf swing speed. Because a beginner is usually bombarded with overwhelming tips, this article is supposed to give a summarized version of the most effective tips in improving the golf swing.

Do It Yourself Golf Accessories

Anyone who is getting started playing golf understands just how much money can be spent on equipment and all the extras that are needed to play a round.  Even those who have been playing for many years knows that there are some items of equipment that are a must have such as a good putter or balls that fly far.

Tips On Putting – 5 Steps To Good Putting

Putting can at times be a complicated thing to master. Much has been said and written about what is essential to be a good putter but no matter how you look at it, there will always be some fundamentals that you must know. The following five tips to improve your golf game will get you off to a good start. Even if you have been at it for a long, it would serve you well to revisit these 5 tips on proper putting.

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