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Common Golf Injuries and How To Avoid Them

Golf may be a ‘gentleman’s sport, but it certainly isn’t as gentle and innocuous as it appears. Golf injuries occur with surprising frequency to both the professional and the amateur golfer alike. It is estimated that about 60% of golfers will experience a sport related injury at some point in their lives. All golfers, regardless of the level at which they play, should know what causes the most common injuries, what their symptoms are, and when they should seek the help of a physician.

Golf Swing Technique – Playing From the Rough

No matter how good you are, at some point during a round you are going to find yourself having to play a shot from the rough. Unlike the fairway the rough can be long and gnarly, making it harder to get hit a clean shot. More than likely your ball is going to sit down in the grass meaning you won’t be able to rely on the same golf swing technique you would use under normal conditions. In or to escape from this type of lie you will need to make adjustments to your swing.

Are You Practicing Or Playing?

Golfers get so wrapped up in swing mechanics that they rarely focused on playing the game. Remember this, the brain can cause tension! Tension puts the golfer in a position where he or she cannot move freely. Once a golfer has begun their round of golf, one should forget swing mechanics. If a golfer does not possess this ability it is very difficult to actually play the game.

Easy Ways Anyone Can Use To Improve Your Golf Swing Quickly

Are you searching for ways you can improve your golf swing in no time? Then you need to know about some easy ways that anyone can use to easily accomplish this goal.

TaylorMade Burner Irons – Why You Should Put These Irons In Your Bag

Golf club technology moves at a brisk pace. So after six years with my current irons, I needed a change. If you’re thinking of changing your irons, it can be a confusing buying process. Here’s how to go about it, what to know before you buy and how I came to the conclusion to buy TaylorMade Burner Irons.

Importance of The Perfect Golf Swing

As you can imagine probably the single biggest part of being a successful golf player is learning how you can get that perfect golf swing swing and striking the ball properly. When you’ve got a mediocre golf swing, it will operate against you dramatically and bring about several problems in attempting to take part in a triumphant game.

The Simple Golf Swing” by David Nevogt: A Golf Instruction Book Review

‘The Simple Golf Swing’ will appeal to golfers looking for a simple system to develop more accurate and powerful golf swings, which they can easily and consistently execute in the golf course. The great thing about the book is the simple and clear way the lessons are given, and how each chapter gradually helps the reader fully grasp Nevogt’s simple system in executing a great golf swing.

A Checklist on How to Master a Winning Golf Swing

Let’s first describe the golf swing that wins competitions. Perfect golf swings start with a smooth and natural back swing motion until it stops at the top, and then snaps in a tremendous speed downwards, hits the ball squarely, and then flies up and behind you for the follow through, while the ball flies straight to its target.

Golf Swing Book Review: How to Break 80

‘How to Break 80’ is written for people who enjoy golf as a hobby and can only practice a few minutes each week to significantly improve their game. It’s written by Jack Moorehouse, who claims to have learned the important skill that his other non-professional golf playing peers wants to know, and that’s ‘How to Break 80’.

Golfing Tips to Prevent Slicing

If your golf shots are flying right in a banana shaped arc away from the target, instead of straight to the target, then you are hitting golf slices. To avoid getting more frustrated rather than refreshed when you play golf, here are the basic tips to fixing your slice shots: Work on Finding the Best Grip For You – Most golf shot corrections start with some type of grip adjustments. First of all, although there is a standard description of what the right golf grip should look like, there are small or minor personal and unique adjustments that…

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