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Become Familiar With Golf Courses to Learn the Game Faster

The game of golf is one of the best sports to learn and has many benefits to offer. Learn about the golf course and various parts of it so you are better equipped the first time you head out to play.

Putting Without a Putter

Hitting a bad drive or a poor approach shot or missing a short putt can get to golfers sometimes, even those with low golf handicaps. Occasionally, golfers take their frustrations out on a club. Putters for whatever reason seem to bear the brunt of golfer frustration.

Planning Pitch Shot Strategy

Mastering your short game is critical to reducing your golf handicap. Hitting a good short-game shot can cut one to two strokes off your score, enabling you to achieve par instead bogey or double bogey. It’s a point that can’t be emphasized enough.

Can You Lower Your Golf Score by Getting Fit For Golf?

Can you really lower your score by applying some simple fitness techniques to your golf game? Over the last few years the term Golf Fitness has been the latest buzz word around the golfing community and its easy to see why, with the emergence of a certain ‘Tiger Woods’ and him attributing his phenomenal success to his high levels of golf fitness.

Beating Bad Weather

Bad weather in golf is a real challenge. It adds an extra element to an already difficult sport. It taxes your creativity, imagination, and fortitude. And it tests your playing skills.

A Short Guide to Buying Golf Shoes

Today’s golf shoes have gone high-tech. Thanks to innovative manufacturers modern golf shoe offers more options than they’ve ever had. These manufacturers have invested millions to improve their shoes.

Golf Tips on Finding the Right Gift

If you’re buying golf clubs as a Christmas gift, consider a gift certificate to a clubfitter’s shop instead. All players benefit from fitted clubs, although may be not to the same degree.

Seven Practice Tips For Beginners

Ask players who’ve have low golf handicap and they’ll all tell you that learning to play golf well is difficult. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult sports to learn. While taking golf lessons and reading golf tips help, nothing works better than practice.

Avoid Miscues to Cut Golf Handicap

While not every professional golfer drives the ball 300+ yards, they all excel at pitching and chipping it close. In fact, they’re so good at the short game, they usually hit pitches or chips close enough to where they only need to one-putt to make par or birdie.

Tom Kite’s Controversial Advice

In golf putting is the name of the game. If you want to quickly reduce your golf handicap, improve your putting. How do you do that? Most experts agree that if you’re serious about improving your putting, you’ll “immerse” yourself in the effort-take golf lessons, read golf tips, and practice as much as you can.

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