Breaking down the benefits of TaylorMade’s new Stealth 2 Plus fairway woods

Biomechanics of the Golf Swing – How to Hit the Ball Further and With Greater Accuracy

If you want to discover the biomechanics of the golf swing so you can drive the ball further and with greater accuracy, then keep reading. If your handicap sounds like the biggest number in the world, in this article you’re going to discover how to improve your game so you can hold your own out there on the course.

The Perfect Golf Swing – And What You Can Do to Improve Yours Ten-Fold!

The perfect golf swing is that most elusive of creatures, an amazing golf swing technique that looks beautiful, smooth and flowing and gets the ball to where you want it to go, whether that’s a hole in one or a strategic place on the green. But how exactly can you achieve it? Perhaps the following tips can help.

Distance and the Correct Golf Swing

Lowering ones handicap through more distance from the golf swing. Eliminating negativity in ones golf game.

How to Fix Your Golf Swing – Tips to Help You Straighten Out Your Drives and Mid Range Shots

Learn how to fix your golf swing by using and applying the following swing tips. Now keep in mind that these tips will not cure your swing issues overnight. These tips are designed to be used in conjunction with a training aid.

Making the Transition From the Range to the Course

When making the transition from practicing at the range or in your back yard to taking it to the course there are some things that you can do to make the leap a lot more pleasurable for everyone involved. One of the biggest decisions should be choosing a course that fits your skill level.

Should You Buy a Used Electric Golf Cart?

Buying a used electric golf cart is easy today. But should you do it? Are you just asking for trouble if you buy something that has been driven before by its previous owner? How do you know the vehicle will not break down two days after you take delivery? All of these are good questions and this article takes a look at some answers. One thing is certain: if you want to save a lot of money, buying a used electric golf cart is the way to go.

Putting Tips – Seven Tips to Reading Greens Like a Pro For Duffers

Imagine what it would be like to quickly survey a putting green a pick up all the clues to how to make your putt. You would see the break and have a feel for the speed instantaneously. As you carefully read this short article you will learn just what to look for and how what you see might influence your putt. Just picture yourself making more putts using the tips you will read here.

A Primer For the Proper Golf Grip

Many beginning golfers think that using the proper golf grip is not important or something they can worry about at a later time. But ask any seasoned golfer, or better yet read what Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have to say about the importance of a good golf grip and you will understand why you want to learn the proper golf grip.

How Planning Your Golf Excursion in Advance Can Improve Your Game and Improve Your Swing

Planning your trip to the golf in advance can make your golfing excursion much more enjoyable. It is crucial that you come prepared to the golf course so that your game does not suffer. Here are some simple tips to remember before you head out to the club house.

Shopping the Internet For Golf Supplies

Novice golfers soon come to realize that there are a whole lot of supplies and equipment necessary for playing the best golf. It can be pretty overwhelming when you first start looking through the different items, the different brands, and the different models. You’ll be happy to know that there are golf websites which provide you with reviews, tips, articles, and the equipment you will need.

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