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Are You a Golfer Over 40 Looking For a Golf Swing Training Aid?

No matter how physically fit you used to be or how active you are today, once you hit 40 or 50, age begins to have an effect on your golf game. I should know. I’ve been golfing since I was 12 and I’m 59 years old today and let me tell you, my swing isn’t what it used to be.

Where Can You Find Discount Golf Equipment?

I have had several people comment that golf is just too expensive for them to participate in. While it is true that it will cost you some money to play the game, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to do it. Buying discount golf equipment can help lower the cost drastically. Where can you find quality golf equipment that won’t bust your budget?

Would You Like to Learn How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight?

When my friend Bill first took up golf he thought that it would be a simple matter of hitting the golf ball as hard as he could. Little did he know that he could not have been further from the truth had he tried.

Why Should You Consider a Golf GPS Unit?

Most avid golfers have at least toyed around with an electronic range finder, but many overlook the added benefits of a golf GPS unit. My best friend was among the golfers who hadn’t yet discovered the benefits of these little gadgets until I bought him one for his birthday. Then he wondered how he ever lived without one.

Where Do You Find Golf Fitness Training For Senior Golfers?

Andrew doesn’t think it’s important to worry about his physical fitness level if he just wants to play golf on the weekends, but consider this. By the time he gets done walking that round he will have covered somewhere near 5 miles. That’s 5 miles of up and down hill walking, through the rough and through sand traps, too.

Is it Too Late For Golf Training to Improve My Swing?

I’ve been golfing for 45 years and for some reason my swing seems to be getting worse and worse with each passing year. And it’s not like I had poor training to begin with. I learned from the pro at my dad’s club and I spent a lot of time on the course with my dad and his buddies.

Where Should You Be Searching For Golf Club Reviews?

When it comes to golf there are many pieces of equipment that are needed in order to play the game. Golf clubs, however, are the most costly and most important of these. That’s why my father is so adamant about reading golf club reviews before he’ll spend a dime on a new club. Why are golf club reviews so important and where can you find them?

Where Can I Look For Cheap Golf Clubs?

Almost any weekend that I can get away you will find me either at the driving range or a nearby golf course. That’s probably why my golf clubs have seen better days. Like most beginning golfers I had received my first set of clubs via a hand-me-down from a family member. Now I needed new clubs and I didn’t have a lot to spend on them.

Do You Need a Cheap Golf Training Guide to Help You With That Hook?

Every golfer needs a little help every now and then, just ask my buddy Chuck. He’s usually a scratch golfer but here lately he’s been having trouble with a hook.

Exercises For a Stronger Golf Swing

Have you ever wondered where the power in your golf swing comes from? Is it from your arms? If you are like many people who try to power the ball with your arms then you still have a great ways to come in your game. Power behind you golf swing comes from you entire body, and involves primarily rotational movement.

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