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Six Full-Proof Ways to Lower Your Handicap

Ever spend the days leading up to a club-tournament or important company outing working diligently to get prepared only to have the wheels come off the day of the event? You’ve invested hours a day for the past few days beating balls, using the latest in technology, and maybe even hitting the gym. In your spare time, if you have any left with the extreme attack of time by our competing priorities, you’ve devoured the latest Golf, Golf World and Golf Week magazines and watched as many hours of Golf Channel programming as humanly possible. But will it be enough?

Iron Fitting – Iron Out The Details

Since all golfers’ full complement of “irons” should include a mix of hybrids and irons, here are a number of other important elements of iron set fitting that can help ensure golfers are custom fit for the best overall iron set. The starting length of the combined hybrid/iron set starts with a measurement of the golfer’s wrist to floor dimension.

Golf Swing

That perfect golf swing. I can almost see how the true golfer sits back in his chair, close his eyes and gives a faint smile envisioning the swing that will make him the talk of the golf course – that professional golf swing.

Golf Lessons: Driving Golfer’s Games to Higher Levels

For some people, golf may be one of the more complicated sports. The basics are easy enough to understand: all one has to do is to putt a ball into a designated hole. The intricacies lie in the way points are scored. In the simplest of terms, a golfer has to get the ball into a hole with the fewest possible number of strokes.

Golf 101: Getting the Best Equipment at the Best Prices

Golf is a sport unlike most other sports. While one may be in competition with other players, it really is more of a competition against oneself. Each player is striving to be the best player he or she could be, and every game is a game against oneself.

Golf: A Different Kind of Ballgame

Not all ball games require speed and strength, and not all sports call for the biggest guy on the court or the most aggressive person on the field. On the contrary, golf is known as a gentleman’s game.

Finding the Best Equipment for Golfing

Golf may be a game that is commonly associated with people on the upper half of the social pyramid, but one doesn’t necessarily have to be rich in order to be able to play the game and enjoy it. Granted, one would have to invest in good golf equipment, but good equipment doesn’t automatically mean getting the expensive ones. After all, if one looks hard enough, with a little patience and a few mouse clicks, one may be able to find the equipment that he or she needs at a fraction of the original price.

Improve Golf Hip Turn For Longer Drives

In golf, hip turn is critical to maximizing power and distance. All the pros arrive at impact with their hips more open than they were at address. The only way to achieve this position is to have a higher level of flexibility in your hip joints to enable the rotation through the ball to be at a higher speed without tension. Simple golf stretches can quickly improve that area of your body, and give you the freedom to “free wheel” it through impact, resulting in a better strike on the ball.

SkyCaddie SG5 Review

SkyCaddie SG5 is a golf rangefinder that offers a high-end GPS technology. At an affordable price, it is at par with other models available in the market. SkyCaddie SG5 comes with a color LCD screen that is found in the high-end Golf GPS range finders.

Practising Golf for Golf Beginners

In order to become a better player you will need to practice often. There are many ways to practice different shots. Always opt for practice using your own golf clubs. Your personal clubs have their own shape, length and form that you should practice using.

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