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Golf Range Finders Reviews – 3 Things to Look For

With the dozens of range finders on the market you might be wondering which one is better for you or more importantly what should you be looking for. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Tiger Woods Will Come Back Better Than Ever Without a Doubt!

Tiger Woods was very sincere in his apologetic press conference; he realized that he had made a huge error in judgment, and he owned up to it. He has since then made amends to his wife and family. He should therefore be entitled to a second chance.

Strengthen Your Core and Your Golf Game

Crafting your golf swing can be a lifelong pursuit. Minor tweaks and changes to the way you stand, the movement in the pelvis, and the twist of the torso can add score-improving feet to your drives.

How to Choose the Perfect Putter – It’s a Lifelong Quest

Selecting a putter is a personal thing, there is no correct putter that works best for everyone. Your own preferences matter most.

Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Swing’s Mechanics

Before you hit a golf ball, there are many things to remember. When televised, the sport looks very easy. However, in order for golf to look very easy, you must follow certain golf mechanics.

3 Down-to-Earth Putting Tips From a Masters Champion That Could Change Your Game

Most putting tips and other golf swing talk you get today is about high tech putters and golf balls. It always hasn’t been that way. People always say that the old days were more simple, and perhaps that is true.

Golfing Accessories For the Ladies

Golfing accessories can make lovely gifts for the ladies. Selecting these accessories should be based not only upon colors and looks but upon usefulness and practicality.

Gifts For Golfers Who Are Novices

Shopping for golfers who are novices can be a challenge. This article presents a number of ideas for perfect gifts for golfers who are just starting out.

Avoid Golf Injuries and Play Better Golf

While playing more and more golf can be seen as a dream, for many it can turn into a nightmare due to the onset of injury or pain as a result of the extra stresses that the body is put under. The golf swing puts a lot of stress onto different parts of the body and in some cases it can cause it to reach a breaking point if the body is unable to handle it.

Why Are Golf Drills So Important to Your Game?

If you are like most golfers these days you probably see playing more as a sure fire way to make big improvements in your game, and while spending more time out on the course can be beneficial it is possible that you will simply be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over, ending up frustrated when you can’t seem to knock those extra strokes off your score. The truth is it can take more than just playing more to make a big difference and this is when using smart golf drills in your weekly routine will pay off big time.

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