Billy Ray Brown talks winning 3 NCAA Championships at Houston, getting lost on the way to a playoff

Golf Rangefinders – How to Choose One That Fits Your Game

So let’s say you’re playing a match against your friend and you’re down one stroke on the final hole. He hit into a greenside bunker and he’s looking at a possible bogey. Now you’ve got at least 150 yards to the center of the green. You have to hit it over the water and try to stop the ball near a tucked pin position. But exactly how far is it to clear the water?

How to Stop a Golf Overswing and Keep the Left Arm Straight

To hit consistent golf shots the swing must be simple. Even if the club is swung in plane and online, if swing width is not maintained a golfer will hit the ball inconsistently. Try these golf swing tips to keep control of the club on the backswing for longer drives and crisper irons shots.

Great Golf Swing Tips You Can Use and Other Methods of Perfecting Your Swing

It’s true. Your swing is half of your golf game. Without a good swing, you’re sunk and bound to spend the entire time on the greens in the sand or the rough. Of course, with the help of golf swing tips you can improve your swing, and have more fun on the course. Learn some great tips that will help you improve your swing and how see how lessons from the golf swing surgeon can help.

Get a Golf Swing Lesson on the Web – Enjoy the Benefits of Online Golf Instruction

If you are looking for a quality golf swing lesson, you may want to consider checking out online golf instruction. Today you can find the qualified instruction you need on the web, and it brings along with it many benefits. It’s time you improve your game, get your swing in shape, and start showing off on the greens.

A Simple Golf Swing is Unbeatable Under Pressure!

This article is about the golf swing. It talks about how a simple golf swing is reliable under pressure. Building a simple repeatable golf swing is usually the swing that sends the ball the farthest and straightest.

4 Tips to Improve Speed in a Golf Swing to Get Extra Distance Off the Tee

The number one goal for many golfers is to improve their golf swing speed. The average swing speed is 75-85 mph. In order to improve the speed in your golf swing, you will have to learn and understand some important elements.

Golf Swing Lessons

Do you really need golf swing lessons? Most people end up spending a fortune trying to cure flaws that they would never have learned if they had not tried to teach themselves, but read on.

The Return of Tiger Woods

Considered the most civilized of sporting events, golf has traditionally focused more on the play than the players. Golfers discussed the latest innovations in titanium drivers, the challenge of their favorite courses, the advantages of wooden golf tees over plastic and the cost of green fees.

Things to Do to Improve Your Golf Swing – 4 Quick Tips

Balance is a key part of the golf game. In order for you to master the game you must have a good consistent golf swing. I am sure I do not have to mention that practice is one of the major components to improve your golf swing.

Pinemeadow Golf – Double Wall Driver Review

I purchased a Double Wall Pinemeadow driver and have had a chance to compare it to my square driver that I have used for a couple years now. The Pinemeadow driver performs well on balls struck near the center of the club in relation to my square golf club, but doesn’t seem as forgiving on toe or heel shots.

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