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Learning the Biomechanics of Golf

Different people have different body structures. For each motion produced by a muscle in a certain direction, there is another muscle of the same mass that produces motion in another direction.

Galvin Green Windstopper Technology Makes Playing in the Wind a Breeze

There’s some sort of majestic beauty to the golf course when the flag is almost being blown out of the hole and the tree tops are touching the ground. I’m talking about the windy days, and not just wind, but wind that goes straight trough your clothing and venomously sucks all the warmth from your body. Its cold, your playing poorly and you think your hands just shattered due to the thinned shot two holes before. One way to enjoy this weather and live to tell the tale is to use one of Galvin’s least talked about technologies, but the feedback I get from Windstopper wearers is one of real appreciation.

The Callaway Drivers – Longer Golf Drives With Callaway Drivers

When you ask many golf fans about the best drivers in golf, the answer is usually Callaway drivers. Callaway offers many versions of their popular drivers and depending on which model you are comfortable with, your in good hands because Callaway is not only a trusted golf company but it puts a very affordable product into golfers’ hands.

Tips For Selecting Golf Clubs

If you’re in the process of choosing a set of golf clubs it is always a good thing to get as many ideas as you can. Hopefully, some of the suggestions in this article will be helpful First I assume you have a decent idea of the number and type of clubs you will need. If you don’t know here’s the basics.

Golf Slice Cure – More Information About It

Figuring a way to cure a bad golf slice can be very useful, even for professional golfers. In the game today, a golf slice cure is a most sought after technique. Slicing the ball to tilt from left to right marks a very powerful shot.

Learn a Golf Swing Tip and Instructions For a Perfect Straight Shot

Are you looking for proper golf swing instructions? Having a good proper golf swing instruction is the most important aspect to the game you play. In order for you to get a proper stance for your golf swing you must follow the proper technique for the golf swing. Read more and learn how you can improve your swing and give you the best possible foundation on which to build the rest of your game.

How to Acquire the Perfect Golf Swing

Finding the perfect golf swing can be a little bit hard since there are numerous of such offers on the internet all displayed in a superb manner. The first approach should be to search through their background information and determine how they have satisfied their customers in the past.

Graphite Versus Steel Golf Clubs

Graphite versus steel golf clubs, as far as accuracy and comfortable grip is concerned, there is no competition. The cutting edge in golfing equipment is the graphite shaft.

Galvin Green Gore-Tex Performance Shell – Ultimate Protection From the Elements

Cold, wet and windy weather are not the conditions in which you expect to play your best golf. We have all looked out of the window in the morning, seen those dark clouds looming overhead and donned the much loved, warm, thick coat. I don’t know about you but five holes later and a couple of topped shots told me my coat was not allowing me to swing freely. One way to help maximise performance during poor conditions is to use high quality wet weather gear such as the Galvin Green’s Performance Shell.

How to Get the Natural Golf Swing You Deserve!

Having an accurate golf grip is an important part of having a natural golf swing. If you use the wrong grip, grip the club too firmly or improperly, you will find that you lack consistency and your shots are straying from their intended direction.

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