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Golf Putting Setup – Where is the Correct Ball Position?

Why is having the correct golf ball position so vital in your golf putting setup? Find out why having the correct golf ball position will allow you to hit truer and more consistent putts and also make sure you are hitting your golf putts in the right direction, every time!

Golf Putting Setup – Finding the Right Golf Putting Grip!

Your Golf Putting Grip is one of the most important elements to your golf putting setup. Find out which golf putting grip suits you best and start becoming a more consistent and better putter!

Step Right Up to a Golf Swing Video and Improve Your Game

A Golf Swing Video is one of the best training tools that you can utilize to greatly improve your golf game. No, don’t lie. May you be an amateur, beginner or a pro. You’re bound to have some small imperfections in you golf swing. The video will make a good comparison and help you weed out those small mistakes.

The Golf Putting Setup – 5 Fundamentals to a Great Golf Putting Stroke

If you ever want to become a great putter, then learning a good solid putting setup is probably the most important element in golf putting that you want to get right and work on first. Find out what are the 5 fundamental elements to a great putting setup.

Greatest Tips on How to Make the Perfect Golf Swing

Are you looking for ways to make perfect your golf swing? Getting the perfect golf swing is important to the game you play. In order for you to perfect your golf swing, you must follow the perfect golf swing technique to achieve great golf swing. Read more and learn how you can improve your swing and give you the best possible foundation on which to build the rest of your game.

Game Needs Rescuing? Think “Golf Swing Training Aid”

Golf Swing Training Aids can really save your game. These training tools will help you compare your erroneous swing with the proper golf swing. A proper golf swing could be from a video, or from a pro.

How to Obtain Discounts on Golf Equipment

Golfers understand how costly golf course equipment is but they would know not that there are businesses that proffer discountS on golf equipment. One can still locate the famous names in the golf industry at an inexpensive price, providing one looks in the correct places. Here are a small number of companies that anyone in search of discount golf equipment will want to check out.

Live Like a King in the Country of Castles

You can hardly find a juicier way to have more fun and visit Wales. Whatever they say Ryder Cup is more than a Golf Trophy, it’s a unique event at which every man passionate about golf is dying to get to.

Beginner Golf Tips to Help You Start Golf on the Right Foot!

If you are looking to start golf and have never picked up a club in your life or have made a few brief attempts to play the game, then my beginner golf tips below will help you to start golf on the right foot. This simple advice will make sure that you avoid some of the pitfalls which could otherwise get you into bad habits and compromise you reaching your full potential.

4 Keys to Improve Golf Chip Shots

One thing I really despise in a round of golf is to hit a great approach shot, land a a few yards from the green and then skull the chip shot and wind up on the other side of the green or worse. Chipping is probably as simple a shot as you can get with the your golf skills if you learn the easy method.

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